Who's Gonna Open for the RuPaulBOTS? Cary Nokey!

Cary Nokey American Dream cover

There once was a guy name Rob Fusari. He just wrote a few hits for Destiny’s Child, Whitney Houston and Lada Gaga. That’s all.

Now Rob Fusari is his own rock star – and fronting a group called Cary NoKey. That group has just landed the plum gig of opening act on the RuPaul’ Drag Race “Battle of the Seasons” tour. Tempted to say “Beeyatch? and go all jealous? Well, hold on to your wigs Felicias, Rob Fusari is no spoiled, heartless rock star. Rob is using his notoriety to speak out on the loss of the “American Dream” – by casting trans actresses to star in his latest music video.

“Today’s American Dream isn’t about achieving goals. It’s about doing what you got to do to get by,” said Rob.

The video features appearances by Trace Lysette, Dina Marie, Victoria Beltran and Bailey Jay. Rob empathizes with the emotional struggle many transsexual individuals endure. “Pre-transitional transsexuals know they have to fight to release the truth that hides beneath the uniform the world forces them to wear,” he explained.

Straight, gay, bi, trans, tattooed, pink-haired or “do not place a label on me” – who can’t identify with the urge for self-expression and the limits “traditional” society wishes to place on individuals? To be able to live as, and show, your true self to the world without fear of mocking, harm, or prejudice – that is the genuine American Dream!

Cary Nokey’s “American Dream” video released today. The song will be available on iTunes and other digital retailers on November 11.

Watch: Cary Nokey’s latest video “American Dream”