Past lives

Who’s hotter? Young Justin Trudeau or Young Joe Biden?


Young Joe Biden.

And Young Justin Trudeau.

Both, so easy on the eyes.

Both dripping with charisma — and sex appeal.

But only one can be hotter.

Only one will be hotter.

And the choice is yours.

First, there’s young Justin Trudeau: 

Then, there’s young Joe Biden: 

Then, once again, Young Justin Trudeau:

Not to be outdone, here’s comes Young Joe Biden again: 

So Justin Trudeau starts playing dirty and unbuttons his shirt:

This inspires Young Joe Biden to lose his shirt altogether and brandish an adorable baby:

Young Justin Trudeau ultimately takes the high road, showing you he doesn’t need to resort to cheap tricks to make you think he’s hotter than Young Joe Biden:

Young Gerald Ford walks in, flicks back his hair like he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, and is all, “Oh, hey, what’cha guys talkin’ about?”

As if on cue, Young John McCain materializes on the scene to say, “I think you guys are really immature,” but so then why is he flexing? 

And it’s cute but also a little sad when Young Joe Biden is like, “Remember me? This was supposed to be between me and Trudeau.” 

And right about then is when everyone decides to get back to work for some reason.

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  • ChrisK

    I’ll take the Justin Trudeau today. You guys can live in fantasy. Oh wait.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Joe Biden has it. The Canadian needs to keep his hair short, lest he is confused with one of Charlie’s Angels. Trump, scantily clad on his daughter’s bed (?) ew. McCain, it’s too difficult to separate what he had become later in life to appreciate him in his youth. Joe Biden has it.

  • Frank

    Mr. Vice President can get it ALL day and night…younger or older…it does not matter

  • crowebobby

    Which tastes better? Kobe beef or real hot fudge? Joe’s a boy you’d take home to mother, Justin (looks like) a boy you’d get to do behind a sand dune in the pines . . . if the gods smiled down on you just once.

  • stadacona

    Justin Trudeau is NOT attractive AT ALL. Biden was very handsome.

  • Jack Meoff

    Trudeau hands down. Biden looks a little uptight even when he was young.

  • JessPH

    I pick Joe Biden.

    Young Tim Kaine looks fine too.

  • BriBri

    Straight boys=dirty holes.

    • Mykey

      I thought I was the only one! LOL!

  • radiooutmike

    I pick both, but Biden has it in my end.

  • captainburrito

    Trump made me lose my appetite.

  • charlie_jackpot

    Biden in the red shirt, topping Trudeau in the blue

  • DuMaurier

    I guess young Trudeau is ‘hotter’, but he looks too much like he knows it, so I take the less self-consciously sensual young Biden. Now, if you ask about NOW, it’s Trudeau by ten million country miles.

  • MediaGuy

    No doubt, Biden. Too bad he’s such a douche. Young, DUMB and full of …

  • Mmmrrrggglll

    Definitely young Joe Biden. Mmm mmh.

  • John

    Comparing apples to oranges. Trudeau is (currently) a leader, while Biden is not, nor was he (he was the “spare” just in case) and then in comparison Trudeau is still young. You could compare McCain and Biden same generation and both Senators (at one time), which you do.

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