Who’s Surprised the Family Research Council Spent $25k Hoping Congress Wouldn’t Condemn Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill?

I’ve spent the last 20 minutes trying to find a witty, Slate-esque way to argue that just because the Family Research Council spent $25,000 lobbying federal lawmakers not to pass a resolution condemning Uganda’s Kill The Gays bill (which made it through the Senate, but stalled in the House), it doesn’t mean FRC is actually advocating for Uganda’s death penalty for homos. And all I could come up with is: Yes, actually, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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    I too was going to brainstorm for a witty/caustic response. However when it comes to these vile scumbags, what is the point? Instead put me down as “I’m not”

  • Bill Perdue

    frc = vatican = dnc = lds = rnc

  • Cam

    In keeping with what we need to do every single time this organization is brought up to remind people of why they have no credibility I ask the following question….

    Family Research Council? Hmm, Isn’t that the organization that was founded by the closeted gay man George REkers who was recently caught paying for sex from a nearly underaged male prostitute? Thats right, it is! So that would mean that probably all of their board are similar to Rekers wouldn’t it?


    @Cam: It doesn’t matter…….The rightwing lunatics simply refuse to listen to any kind of reason. The more outlandish and outrageous the lie or claim, the more they will rabidly embrace it. I was watching “Mall Cops” last nite (shows just how boring my Thursday nite was :-p) Scarah Pallin was making an appearance at the mall. There were thousands of persons camping out over night to purchase her $35.00 book, then get on another hours long line to have her sign it. The interviews with those waiting were actually scary. It was like they were awaiting the second comming of Christ. Pallin who has zero experience at governing except as a Mayor of a very small town whos duties were ceromonial. She quit the Governorship not even half way into her term and these lemming like lunatics are worshipping her..

  • trickstertara

    Dear every homophobe who’s ever cried “don’t call it hate, don’t call me a bigot! I don’t want you hurt or dead…”

    *points to FRC’s cheque book*


  • jeffree

    If the FRC is willing to support “killing the gays in Uganda” then let’s NOT kid ourselves : they’ll try to do the same thing here in the US, given any opportunity. They keep building up cash reserves & political muscle to wipe us from the face of the earth.

    Be very afraid & wary.
    They consider themselves on a “mission” from God.

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