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Who’s The Gay Senator Larry Flynt Is Going To Out?

Who needs old Jack Kemp rumors when you can have present day mudslinging courtesy Larry Flynt? The Hustler publisher, who’s had a long-standing million dollar offer for anyone who can prove they had sex with hooker lover Sen. David Vitter, says the coming months might see him reveal a closeted senator.

“We know we’ve got a gay senator,” Flynt told CNN’s Don Lemon this week. “We just like to see him come out of the closet. And I think we’ll be exposing that in the next few months if he doesn’t.” (Also: “And I’ve got a really great story, a very high-ranking Republican talking to a woman on a cell phone, and we have the tape where he said — oh, she mentioned family values to him. He said, ‘Oh, family values, that crap, I just talk about that on television.'”)

Best part of the interview: Lemon asking Flynt to hint at who these folks are. Journalism at its best!

But you know our rules, Larry: We out people who legislate against the very communities they’re a part of. If this dude (and I’m assuming it’s a dude) is actively supporting repealing DADT and DOMA and isn’t some raging family values maniac, let him keep his tricks offline. And remember: Trent Lott already retired, so those rent boy rumors aren’t terribly fresh.

[via TPM]

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