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Who’s The Gay Senator Larry Flynt Is Going To Out?

Who needs old Jack Kemp rumors when you can have present day mudslinging courtesy Larry Flynt? The Hustler publisher, who’s had a long-standing million dollar offer for anyone who can prove they had sex with hooker lover Sen. David Vitter, says the coming months might see him reveal a closeted senator.

“We know we’ve got a gay senator,” Flynt told CNN’s Don Lemon this week. “We just like to see him come out of the closet. And I think we’ll be exposing that in the next few months if he doesn’t.” (Also: “And I’ve got a really great story, a very high-ranking Republican talking to a woman on a cell phone, and we have the tape where he said — oh, she mentioned family values to him. He said, ‘Oh, family values, that crap, I just talk about that on television.’”)

Best part of the interview: Lemon asking Flynt to hint at who these folks are. Journalism at its best!

But you know our rules, Larry: We out people who legislate against the very communities they’re a part of. If this dude (and I’m assuming it’s a dude) is actively supporting repealing DADT and DOMA and isn’t some raging family values maniac, let him keep his tricks offline. And remember: Trent Lott already retired, so those rent boy rumors aren’t terribly fresh.

[via TPM]

The Porn Star Who Wants To Oust One of America’s Most Homophobic Senators

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    Gonna be a few repugnatican wives in the next few months asking their Senator husbands why they seem so very distracted…….. :p

  • Michael C

    Barbara Mikulski?

  • badlydrawnbear

    didn’t Flynt make a similar threat during the Clinton impeachment?

    Supposedly he had a list of Republicans names and proof of their cheating, and nothing came of it if I remember correctly.

  • Cam

    Probably Lindsay Ghrahm.

  • Fitz

    And if that senator then commits suicide, will we say that Larry bullied him?

  • whatever

    Oh gawd, please let the “family values” senator be DeMint. If there was ever a troglodyte rethug that needed to be taken down a peg, it’s him.

  • B

    The interesting part of what he said was about an intercepted cell phone conversation with a Republican who claimed he only spouted “family values crap” for TV – i.e., to appeal to his “base”, not because he believed it.

    If they are trying to throw gays under the bus, it is not because they hate gays but because they are sociopaths who don’t care who they hurt as long as they get ahead. They’ll treat their “base” the same way as long as their “base” remains clueless about how they are being screwed.

  • obiwan

    Larry Flint is doing a good thing in exposing these awful hypocrites.

  • ewe

    We don’t like it when the right wing nut multimillionaires and billionaires start funding witch hunt agendas and pet projects. (IE: Buying their own elections.) I find this dangerous even if i agree with him. I refrain from celebrating.

  • dizzle

    GOOD! Seriously, fuck these people in the ass with chunky peanut butter lube!!

    @ewe: Seriously??? These closet case people do SO MUCH damage to our community it’s disgusting. I am 100% in favor of outing only those who hurt us, and these people are typically republican, foster the anti gay fear with their hate speech. They deserve everything that comes to them, and I am not a vengeful person. At all. In fact, this is kind of the only satisfaction I get from karma.

    Seriously though, think off all the people who’s lives they destroy. Just to whip up their fool base.

  • ewe

    @dizzle: I agree. I just do not like rewarding people financially for dishing dirt. I think it is dangerous and leads to false accusations most of the time. A smut magazine publisher is not exactly the kind of image ally we need either. I do not see the opposition honoring Hugh Hefner. Get real. This is not a win win.

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