Fabulous Gay Richitans

Who’s the newest addition to the REAL A-List, 2011?

If your answer’s Ryan Nickulas’ lesbian sister, you’d be … dead wrong. But if you said Ole Henricksen, you just won a lifetime supply of Egyptian Mud Bathes and facials.

Unless you’re a lady who lunches, you’ve probably never heard of Ole, the latest member to join Richistan. The Danish expat and facial mogul shot to fame in the 90’s when he became known for tending to the visages of George Michael  “supermodels” (serial maid abuser, Naomi Campbell, Miss Mole Cindy Crawford, Yoga Mogul Christy Turlington, and & the indescribable Linda Evangelista.)

In February, Henrickson – the most famous Danish export since, well, morning pastries – was “bought” by French conglomerate, LVMH, reported record sales of €20.3bn for the full year 2010. Back in the 70’s, Liza Minelli’s BFF & Studio 54 regular, Halston, sold his everything to J.C. Penny, and famously lived (and then died, of AIDS) to regret the sale.

Although Henrickson reportedly kept his salon, it remains to be seen if LVHM is able to maintain the mythic quality of Ole’s product. For years, Ole disappeared “into the back,” and, like a pixie-sized Gandalf, concocted his luxe cleaners and moisturizers.

Now, there’s no doubt that Henricksen – gay, and married to hairstylist Lawrence Roberts – is the newest arrival on the global A-List (LVHM also owns Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton). The real question is whether LVHM can maintain Ole’s branded excellence. Economies of scale (a fancy way of saying, countries like the U.S.A. that buy a lot of shit), demand huge sales. Will Henricksen’s truth serum & night gel be the same now that they’re being made and packaged in Torrance?