Who’s Worried This Straight Athlete Is Going To De-Gay The Club He Just Bought?

Glenn Archer, the Aussie former Australian Rules Football player for North Melbourne, is the proud new owner of a homosexual club. The Market Hotel in South Yarra, which is a big deal if you’ve ever been a gay person in Melbourne, is known for its flashing lights and go-go boys. But now that a straight jock has bought the place, is the place gonna change? Yes. And no.

“We’re not going to discriminate, but it won’t be the same as it is now,” Archer says. “I have a couple of gay friends and they told me that area is dying, so they spend a lot of their time in St Kilda now.”

Not going to discriminate? That sounds lovely — but is also means it will (theoretically) be like any other nighttime establishment in the country. So yes, the new Market Hotel (Archer is keeping the name) will let the gays in. But if Archer’s gay friends are telling him the area “is dying,” he wouldn’t be snapping up a local institution without plans to change things up a bit to actually make some cash. The venue’s existing management will remain in place, but only for another month. That’s when Archer will come in and — I fear — take an ax to the go-go boys. Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean. [via]

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  • jason

    He’ll probably turn it into a venue for sleazy straight guys and their bisexual female enablers. This is basically what the mainstream has become.

  • Riker

    Athlete buys a club, says he isn’t going to discriminate against gays. That translates into “he’s going to turn it into a straight club”? Come on, Queerty, stop it with the wild speculation and accusations.

  • Soupy

    Oh Jason, I can always rely on you for a good laugh. The kind that you experience from a guy in a tin foil hat talking about the alien invasion.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Lol but I do see some truths in all his statements but because he is relentless and narrow minded, they are easily dismissed.

    Do love bisexual female enablers tho!

  • EdWoody

    It sounds like he’s basically going to let the gays decide whether they want to go there or not, which is fine. Even the most legendary gay clubs close eventually, just like the most legendary straight clubs do, because public tastes change.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    He might not “discriminate”, but I guarentee they will be “selective” about who will be permitted to enter. There will be a helluva lot less queers in that place in the next month.

  • ForeverGay

    Jason and Mr. Jones are right. He is basically saying the club is goin haterosexual and gay people won’t mind it at all.

  • shannon

    gay men will be fag bashed in this place in 1…2….3…..4…

  • wtf

    who cares

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