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Who’s Your “Top Jock” In This Year Of Sports Equality? Vote In The 2014 Queerties


Who is this year’s Top Jock–off the field? There’s a revolution in sports equality these days–with athletes, coaches and executives coming out in droves–so it’s not an easy choice.

Is it former major league outfielder Billy Bean, who was appointed by Major League Baseball this year to level the playing field for gay players, baseball personnel and fans?

Is it Chris Kluwe, the non-gay punter and advocate who exposed the homophobia of his former team, the Minnesota Vikings?

The courageous Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL?

Olympian Ian Thorpe, who came out this year? Perhaps the entire UVA swim team, for standing up publicly for its gay teammates? And who could ignore the great Jason Collins, who made history by simply clocking into an NBA game, the first time an openly gay player had touched the hardwood?

VOTING IN THE QUEERTIES IS EASY: Just head over to the ballot page and click on your favorite nominees.

You can come back and vote once every day until the contest closes on November 02, 2014, at midnight Eastern.