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Why Anti-Gay Pastors Failed To Get Arrested At Their D.C. Rally: No Calls for Murder

So Christian pastors held their hate speech rally yesterday, where they tried to prove the recent passage of the Matthew Shepard Act would violate their religious freedoms. They failed.

Led by the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission’s Gary Cass, folks like World Net Daily columnist and pro-life activist Janet Porter took to the podium in Washington D.C., in front of the Justice Department, and somehow believed exercising their First Amendment rights to spew hatred — and, more importantly, outright lies — would get them arrested. They were talking to you, AG Eric Holder! It’s the same message Pat Robertson has been sending.

But was the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank reports, which as much succinct sarcasm objective reporters can get away with, there were no arrests.

Conservative Christian ministers from across the land, determined to test the bounds of a new law punishing anti-gay hate crimes, assembled outside the Justice Department on Monday to denounce the sin of homosexuality and see whether they would be charged with lawbreaking.

Anything other than sex “between a male and his wedded wife,” announced the Rev. Paul Blair, “is a perversion, and the Bible says that homosexuality is in fact an abomination.”

No arrest was made.

The Rev. Rick Scarborough, quoting Scripture, listed “homosexual offenders” along with thieves, drunkards, swindlers and idolators as those unwelcome in the kingdom of God. “To fail to call homosexuals to repent of their sin and come to Jesus is the highest form of cowardice and sin,” he said.

No charges were filed.

“Had people listened to our plea, there would be tens of thousands of people who had not died of a dreaded disease,” contributed the Rev. Jim Garlow. “This breaks our heart to see people die of AIDS.”

No hands were cuffed. In fact, the few cops in attendance were paying no attention to the speakers, instead talking among themselves and checking their BlackBerrys.

Honestly, we’re a little disappointed with the rally. Where were the calls for violence? Where was the incitement for attacks on gays? C’mon, zealots, that’s how you get arrested. Pussies.