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Why Are All Of You Staring At The Strange Man’s Package?

Earlier this month a couple of female New Zealand television personalities strapped a camera to their booties in some social experiment to show how dudes are always checking out the ladies’ ba-donka-donk. At least in Los Angeles, where they filmed the “Rear View Girls” clip. So here come the “Front View Boys,” strapping a camera to a dude’s crotch to show that when it comes to passers-by copping a peek, there is no such thing as a double standard. Especially when both women and men are craning their necks for a scope of the goods. [via]

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  • mdthom

    St8 or gay if I saw someone with a camera straped to their package I’d look too.

  • shimichael Burich

    ridiculous! proves nothing. of course you’re going to look at that contaption AND those stupid shorts. try a hidden or at the very least inconspicuous camera and it might be more telling

  • Ben

    Uhh Shmichael. It was a joke. That was the point.

  • scott ny'er

    @Ben: It’s not a joke if it’s not funny.

    I actually was looking at his shoulders. Those were nice.

  • David dela Cruz

    why is this even worthy of coverage?
    too many LGBTs are dying for being who they are, and not a squeak is heard about them and their plights – and we get something as idiotic as this.

  • craig

    Fahim’s body is great! I din’t expect that when I saw im on CHUCK.

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