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Why Are Apple + Netflix Hiding Gay Movies From Users?

Neither the Netflix iPhone app, nor the Apple TV hardware device was showing users a “Gay/Lesbian Film’ category when it first shipped. Users could only find the genre if they searched for a flick in that category and then navigated to the parent directory. Claims of homophobia — quite rampant when it comes to Apple — flew! But has the issue been resolved?

Fox & Friends personality Clayton Morris says he “searched for the very same movie and category mentioned by Gizmodo’s users and found out that these reports are unfounded — unless Apple or Netflix changed something overnight.”

Nope, they didn’t. What Morris likely did was search for the gay interest film Newcastle (surfer romance!) and then, as explained, navigate up. But Netflix’s iPhone app still lacks a Gay/Lesbian category, and it appears Apple TV’s native navigation remains without it either.

When Apple chief Steve Jobs was emailed by a customer about the issue (he’s known for personally replying to emails), he answered: “Netflix programs their service.”

An instance of homophobia from two tech giants? Or merely an oversight? I’d say it’s the latter, and I suspect if we do hear back from Netflix it’ll be something about them not wanting to clutter their navigation menu.