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Why Are Breeders Always Showing Off How Much They Love The Opposite Sex?

Davey Wavey doesn’t hate straight people. He has a straight sister, after all. But why do they always have to throw their heterosexuality in our faces? Showing off their kids’ pictures, holding hands, discussing weddings plans. It’s offensive, disgusting, and should probably be prohibited by local city ordinance.

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  • Bryan Harris

    Would it kill him to put on a shirt?


    @Bryan Harris: most likely yes…:-p

  • L.

    @Bryan Harris: Well, since most play his videos with the sound off, what would they be left with if he did?

    (We were nearing two weeks. I was getting worried.)

  • christopher di spirito

    In the spirit of full disclosure, could Queerty post the terms of the contract they signed with Davey Gravy so we can understand exactly how many times a month he must appear on these pages?

  • Enron

    I wish I could get to feel his body. Those hard muscles, those pecs, those abs and the big ‘ol tool!


    @Enron: Who would have thunk that we would be commentin on DW havin a baseball bat??

  • adam

    he’s so excruciatingly annoying. i’d bang him, tho.

  • MissLaWandaIsBack

    He is so racist. Ugh.


    Geeze people…….DW may be somewhat annoying but he is harmless…….. And I know this may be very hard for some of you to swallow (pun intended) and you are all going to have to accept it sooner or later… the photo evidence has now proven he has a huge dick!

  • punkboi26

    I really dont understand all the nasty comments. If you dont like him then why are u always watching him? I tire of jealous hags that hate on successful and pretty people. I think Davey is fun to watch. Him being hot with a magnum dong is a pleasant bonus! Good for him for making a good living and enjoying life. There are alot of sad gay fellas out turning tricks to pay for their meth or heroin habbits with nowhere to call home. Im happy for successful gay people. =D

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