Why Are Gay Soldiers Complaining They’re Not Being Asked About DADT When They So Are?

Oh, the fun of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Citizens for Repeal, a group of active duty queers, sent the Pentagon and Sec. Gates an open letter criticizing its 10-month review of the law, because, like, they aren’t asking any gays about their feelings. Of course, none of the 250-ish soldiers who supposedly joined the letter could sign their names, because then they’d be up for a discharge investigation. But they’re also sorely confused: The Pentagon is asking gay and lesbian troops about repealing DADT — that’s why the Pentagon is spending $4.4 million in taxpayer dollars to let an outside surveying firm ask soldiers if they’re fagalas. That firm is also asking straight soldiers’ families about DADT, though, so that’s something worth kvetching about.