Why Are Maine + Washington’s Gays Playing It So Nice On TV?

We won’t claim to know Maine’s voter base better than Protect Maine Equality, which is leading the No On 1 effort. But we will claim that we know a softball approach to advertising (yes, advertising) gay rights did not work in California. There, Prop 8’s supporters steamrolled over the No On 8 effort with brash, ballsy television and web spots. So Maine’s latest television ad (above) — which, let’s be sure, manages to incorporate that touchy subject of religion — isn’t one we’re thoroughly impressed with.

It’s more of the same from Maine’s gay rights camp: Softball advertising. And it leaves us worried. Recent polling data shows voters are neck-and-neck on how they’ll decide. This is troubling.

When you’re dealing with an opponent that simply invents facts in its hardball approach to fighting against gay rights, it’s time to step it up.

The same goes for Washington State’s “Approve 71” camp. This lesbian couple in Washington Families Standing Together’s new spot might be adorable, but by no means does it counter a Catholic-led scare campaign.

The gays needn’t be afraid to raise their fists in this fight. Because blood will be drawn, no matter the outcome. There’s a way to present facts accurately and showcase what’s at stake if voters choose inequality — without pretending we’re dealing with sunshine and lollipops all the time.