money trail

Why Are These Corporations Helping Legitimize Hate Leader Gordon Baum’s Funding Of Mississippi Schools?

The pro-segregation Council of Conservative Citizens (an off-shoot of the White Citizens Councils), which refers to gays as “perverted sodomites” and blacks as “genetically inferior,” is a big booster for Calhoun Academy (motto: “to provide maximum growth in the field of education and duty bound to include the moral and cultural education of its students”) and Carroll Academy (motto: “strives to lead students to develop skills and knowledge in the Arts and Sciences and to develop an understanding of their privileges and responsibilities in relation to their family, community, state, nation, and God”), two private K-12 Mississippi schools accredited by the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools. These schools not only refuse to denounce their financial ties (read: hundreds of thousands of dollars) to CCC (led by Gordon Baum, pictured), they open their campuses to the organization to host meetings. The MAIS, meanwhile, itself raises funds from corporations like Wilson Sports, Mutual of Omaha, and Russell Athletic. Follow the money: Big companies funding an accreditation vehicle that lends credence to hate-funded children’s schools. []