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Why Aren’t There More Gay-Oriented Reality Shows?


Andy Cohen is one of the most powerful openly gay men in television, so it kind of saddened us to see him using that considerable clout to produce a show about people who had one night stands with celebrities. As the guiding force behind the “rich women catfighting” subgenre of reality TV, surely he could use that Bravo pull or his deal with NBC Universal to get more gay men on TV.

Since the rumors of his Bravo answer to Logo’s A-List NY never materialized, there is still a gaping hole in reality television, which is arguably the easiest genre of TV to feature minority groups (Just ask the folks at VH1, who’ve seen their ratings revitalized over the past five years by focusing on the African-American community).

As we head into yet another season with very few gay men represented on reality TV, we ask Why Aren’t There More Gay-Oriented Reality Shows?