Why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mom Thought She Was Raising a Gay Boy

Now that he’s left California governor’s mansion cigar smoking outpost, Arnold Schwarzenegger is free to be even more candid with the press. Which means he’s Austrian newspaper Krone that not only did playing politician cost him $200 million in earnings (though “it was more than worth it”), but he’s regaling reporters with stories that because of all the posters of bodybuilders he hung up in his room, his mother thought he was a homo: “She really believed I was gay. It’s nothing bad now, but back then she could not imagine such a thing.”

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  • Franky

    “Which means he’s Austrian newspaper Krone that not only…”

    Anyone care to guess what that’s supposed to read?

  • douche

    insert ‘told’ in between he’s and Austrian

    not that hard to gather to be honest…

  • alan brickman

    This explains so much..where are the photos of his brother?

  • Eminent Victorian

    Is there *anyone* left at Queerty who can put up a single post in which everything is spelled correctly and placed in some sort of grammatical/ syntactical order? Seriously, it seems like it gets worse every day.

  • Jase

    JD is seriously the worst writer in the world…EVERY one of his posts is either grammatically wrong or substantively wrong.

  • Kieran

    I don’t know about Austria, but it was probably easier for American boys to put up posters of bodybuilders in their room in the 50s, 60s or 70s then it is today. Nowadays if a boy puts up a poster of a male bodybuilder in his room he’s likely to be greeted by choruses of “that’s so gay!” by his friends and family members.

  • deferr

    please get it together queerty, it’s not that fucking hard to compose a sentence

  • gregger

    JD, Honey, get a Harbrace College Handbook. They are quite good at helping the disadvantaged people learn proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling. If you even think that you might get a real job as a reporter you might want to invest in a copy.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I’m not sure how much the readers of Queerty read other comments on the internet, but this is mild compared to the majority of commenters I’ve read. I mean, it’s really, REALLY bad! I’m sure our international readers wonder if the USA even HAS a educational system!

  • No Name

    If you’re having problems, people, there’s a “translate” button to the bottom right…I ASSUME it can translate the post from pidgin English to proper English, anyway… :-)

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