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  • Jamie

    Well, with all that drama in their lives, who has time! lol

  • Me

    I think it is sad that you find them wholly unbelievable. I realize that to many (probably you, too) a good fuck is about the same as a handshake for everyone else. However, for them to wait is a great model. More people should do it. Instead, we have ever-increasing numbers of gay men who are into barebacking on their anonymous, meth-fueled one night stands. Just check out porn these days: barebacking is to the 2000’s what Czech boys were to the 1990’s. So, while fictional, these two characters represent a much-needed counterbalance to the rampant whoring cliche that (apparently) we ourselves love to aspire to.

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)


    Oh chill.

    Why would you wait so long??

    Having sex with someone isn’t all about self gratification. It’s also about being intimate with the person you really care about,which is frankly ‘out of this world’.

  • todd

    These are Midwestern guys living in a small town in Illinois – not Chelsea Boy whores, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The whole point of Soap Opera romances is to keep them apart as long as possible. They are actually quite romantic – if a little bit unbelievable.

  • Sean

    Actually my partner and I waited 3 months until we did the deed. But this is a soap so of course they are unbelieveable but its a good role model to wait at least. But I was thrilled they got it on finally.

  • Alexa

    The first mistake is expecting soap characters to be realistic ;-)

    And the whole point about soap operas – and prime time series as well, actually – is to draw out the suspense and the drama for as long as possible to keep the viewers interested. Just look at any soap relationship, many of them take even longer to get to the sex, and have even more convoluted storylines, than this one. Personally, though I don’t watch it, I think it’s great that they are more or less being treated like any other relationship. What’s better, this, or the psychotic gay storyline on Passions before it ended? (though Simone’s lesbian storyline was handled well).

  • rickroberts

    I think they’re smokin’ white hot!

  • jbw

    Love. Love. Love them.
    And blame. blame. blame them for getting me hooked on the whole soap in the process.

  • blake


    It’s a soap opera! Soap operas always pull this. They have a popular couple and stretch out the sexual tension as long as possible. In 6 months, these two will hit a bump in the road; split apart; and either get back together for find other lovers only to be reunited in a year or two.

  • The Gay Numbers

    I like romance. I could not wait 7 months, but, a time between meeting someone, dating them and sleeping with them is a good thing. For me at least, the sex is more intense when I wait than when I just give into my momentary urges. I know that makes me sound like a girl, but whatever.

  • Powerbottom Philly

    I’ve been watching As The World Turns since I was a little kid. I think it is an amazing message the show is sending, and honestly kudos to the actors, writers, directors, and producers for pushing the envelope. They really don’t deserve any criticism.

    And I’ll echo other posters – it is a freaking daytime drama – its all about long, drawn-out storylines. Sorry it didn’t resolve in enough time for you, Japhy. Let’s just cancel the entire story and dissappoint millions of viewers cause you’re dissappointed !

  • Alan down in Florida

    Just a quibble – the source article says they did “it” and defines “it” as dick-in-the-butt. Inasmuch as “it” took place off screen we do not know exactly what “it” was. The soap has always had a halo of gay virginity on this pair. If that’s the case there may not have been penetration the first time out.

    Alexa is right. This is TV not real life. And it’s not just a function of soaps. I watched a Law & Order SVU rerun the other day and the multiple rapist/murderer of women was a mousy, closeted gay man who lived with a stunningly hot openly gay man. Yeah that happens every day in real life.

  • EdWoody

    Not only are things necessarily drawn out because it’s a soap, but these two have broken up and got back together so many times that they’ve simply been too busy dealing with all their soap-generated emotional issues to get into bed. Now was about the only time they had the chance.

  • rick

    ah, like it is a soap opera, there is no such thing as real time. when i was little my moms soap the secret storm had a kid exactly my age. he was grown and married by the time i was 12.

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