Why Ben’s Gay Proposal At A Kylie Minogue Concert Was Almost Perfect

Benjamin McHardy certainly couldn’t get his long-term boyfriend Scott Goodhill out of his head. It got so bad that he proposed at a Kylie Minogue concert in Perth, Australia.

There is one little problem though…

… Australia doesn’t support marriage equality.

Although McHardy didn’t intend the proposal as a political stunt, he certainly takes pride in being the latest the poster boy for the fight and wishes that politicians would take notice of the nation’s support for marriage equality. “It certainly wasn’t a political thing but now it is, we don’t mind representing the gay community – and not just the gay community, the 60 per cent or more of the Australian public who support gay marriage.

Many Aussie gays worship Kylie, her being a local deity and all. As for McHardy, he wanted to propose, not only to show his love for Minogue but in hopes of honoring his parents. “I just want to belong to someone – my mum and dad were married for more than 30 years and you want to replicate that,” he said.”