Are We Too Sensitive To "Anti-Gay" Sentiments?

Why Can’t Gay People Take A Joke?

We live in a new era, readers. The once-ubiquitous inquiry “But is it art” has been replaced by “But is it homophobic?”

Earlier this month we sampled some Sarah Silverman clips in which she takes some jabs at the gays. We had a huge homo laugh, but others weren’t even chuckling. Does sucking dick you can’t have a sense of humor? Apparently.

Next magazine editor Justin Ocean told us he and his staff are getting flack for their recent Larry Craig-inspired cover. Yeah, we’re getting tired of Craig punchlines, but we appreciate Ocean’s intent: a far better use of “toe-tapper” than Page Six, that’s for sure. Still, some people didn’t get it and accused Ocean of perpetuating homophobic stereotypes.

Meanwhile, the kids over at Room 8, a New York politics blog, are taking aim at Time Out New York for asking this question:

Some West Village residents are angry that Community Board 2 approved last Saturday’s leather street fest without asking the neighbors first. Does the executive committee’s decision reveal an unfair bias?
a. Yes. The chair is openly gay, and this is clear favoritism.
b. No. Only a Village idiot would think something is awry.

Room 8 calls this blatant homophobia”. Um, really, because we see no hate or even fear. It’s an unimaginative question – period.

Yeah, we’ve raised an uproar here and there, but we’re also willing to look at things in context. Silverman’s jokes are so over-the-top, only an idiot could think she’s serious. Page Six may pretend like they’re not taking jabs, but their history proves otherwise. There’s a thin-line when it comes to homophobia, but sometimes what may seem hateful’s really just dumb.

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