Why Can’t South African Police Convict All 11 Of Zoliswa Nkonyana’s Rapists?

In South Africa, roving groups of men sometimes try to “cure” lesbians of their homosexuality by gang raping them. In the case of Cape Town’s Zoliswa Nkonyana, a group of about 11 men ages 17 to 20 chased her home, pelted her with bricks, repeatedly kicked and raped her and then finally beat her to death with a golf club. Four of the men got convicted for her brutal murder this last week. But five other men arrested in connection with the crime have not been convicted, seemingly because of a lack of evidence. Of course, we know just how shoddily the South African police investigate anti-gay murders.

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  • the crustybastard

    That’s some mighty fine police work there, Lou.

  • aj

    Except that Khayelitsha is in Cape Town, not Johannesburg. I mean, yes, it’s the same SA Police Service in both places, but really. Johannesburg is not all South Africa.

  • Andreusz

    As I have implied before — the inability of the SA police to investigate these crimes has nothing to do with a disregard for gay people. The SA police force is the most incompetent in the world. They wouldn’t notice a crime being comitted if it was happening right under their noses.

  • CBRad

    @Andreusz: probably. Add to that that South Africa having the highest rate of rape in the world and..

  • aj

    @Daniel Villarreal: You might want to correct the headline as well…

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