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Why Christine O’Donnell’s Lesbian Sister Jennie Is Campaigning: ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Politics’

Regulators? Mount up! There’s a quisling in the midst, and her name is Jennie O’Donnell. Sister to Delaware GOP Senate hopeful Christine O’Donnell, Jennie is a big lesbian who’s out there on the campaign trail pushing voters to support her sister. Haven’t we seen folks like this before?

Of course! But the Mary Cheneys of the world are usually pushed to the background, told to keep quiet, and appear only in carefully orchestrated publicity opportunities. (Even when their kids are born: The official 2007 photo of Mary’s then-newborn son Samuel David featured not the mom, but grandparents Lynne and Dick.)

Except Jennie is right out in front for her anti-gay big fat lying sister. Or at least she’s been given the security clearance to speak to the press.

“Blood is thicker than politics” says Jennie, a complete unknown until her sister started her Tea Party-backed Senate campaign. Jennie has left her West Hollywood home — where, according to Facebook, she lives “with my girlfriend and my dogs” and is “just try to keep it simple and live!” — to join her sister’s campaign trail, Christine’s thoughts about her “identity disorder” and “perversion” be damned.

Jennie has already popped up, defending her sister on Facebook: “to all my friends and family..thank you for your great wishes.. for the wisdom to see through the insane lies that were being tossed around, and still will be, i supose [sic]. i’m sure they will make up new ones; but thank you for your love, support prayers, good humor… and support of my sister,no matter what lies were made up about her…oh.. p.s. haave [sic] you heard the latest? she’s homophobic… gotta laugh.”

And laugh we will, though it feels more like a cackle than a belly roll.

Particularly because it appears Jennie might suffer the same disorder as her sister: making up credentials. On LinkedIn, Jennie says she’s a “doctor of metaphysical universe studies,” as well as “a certified hypnotist, an ordained minister, and a massage therapist.” Let’s see how she works out her sister’s kinks.

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    “Blood is thicker than politics” Silly me, I interperted that to mean that the non Gay sister would defend her sister against the bigots who would want to spew hatred and hurt against her sister for simply living her life the way she was born. Not embrace and assist those in their campaign of hate against her………

  • Cam

    So basically, she is the person who would hide the fact that one of their relatives is molesting the neighborkids or beating up their spouse.

    But again, since gay runs in families. Our assumption that her freaky anti gay attitudes might be hiding a secret seem to have an even stronger basis now. Where there is gay sibling smoke there is usually closet case fire!

  • Geoff M

    I bought into the “blood is thicker than water” myth growing up, until I came out in my early 20s. When my siblings treated me miserably I took it for awhile and then cut them off. It’s going to be one scary year if we get lunatics like the O’Donnels and Paladinos in office.

  • NAP79

    She’s probably a complete fucking idiot like her sister, she just digs pussy. Just b/c someone is GBLT does not automatically mean they are immune from being complete assholes. Let these dumb broads have their 15 minutes and we can move on.

  • wompman

    Something is “thick” in that family, but I don’t think it is blood.

  • Peter Ryskewecz

    I am Gay, and I have spent nearly half a century as a thoughtless “liberal” gay-clone, believing everything the gay ghetto and my labor union has told me. I have blamed the decimation of gay men dying of AIDS on Reagan, Bush, Cheney, Rove and Gingrich. I have dutifully voted Democratic in almost every election since John F. Kennedy. I have called for a “French Revolution” in America and preached the socialist gospel of European superiority to anybody who would listen. But I have changed!

    What brought about this change? In one word: Obama !!!

    His taxpayer bailouts of the incompetent rich contradicted his beautiful rhetoric of condemning the rich when he campaigned for President. His health-care reform is a farce and does not control costs for any age-group. His star has faded,. His luster is diminished, just as millions of people have lost their homes and their employment. He blames Bush, but unemployment used to be almost half of what it is in today’s Obama-world.

    He has left us so deeply in debt that China, our primary creditor, is almost certain to become the world’s most powerful economy. Even crumbling socialist Europe is telling Obama he is going in the wrong direction.

    He implores us to vote for Democrats; and if we don’t, there will be no funding for AIDS. Yet Bush spent of millions on AIDS, as did Reagan and Gingrich. I no longer believe Gay propaganda,Gay editorial writers or the Gay blagosphere.

    I am tired of being expected blindly to follow a Democratic Party that usurps my Gayness to raise millions, only to raise my taxes and to promote bogus fear of Republicans to extort even more money from my friends and me.

    The Human Right Committee, one of the nation’s largest gay political action groups, always wants more money from Gay activists to repeal, “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”, the military policy that does not allow open homosexuality. And, of course, they urge all Gays to vote Democratic.

    Frankly, “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” actually works. The military leaves your private bedroom behavior alone and discreet, patriotic Gays can focus on serving their country. If some Gays want to get thrown out of the military by forcing their Gayness in their commander’s face, then obviously they don’t have the bearing to be in the military.

    During this campaign season, I have attended numerous GOP and “Gay” GOP events. None of the Republican candidates or GOP activists treated me like an alien. All of them welcomed my patriotism and my gayness. Now I realize how much “so-called progressive gay activists” lie and exaggerate about right-wing homophobia.

    I am fed-up with being told that because I am Gay, I must vote Democratic! Otherwise, I will hate myself. I am tired of Gay left-wing demagoguery in the Gay blogs and publications.

    In 2008, over one out of three Gay voters voted for John McCain in an otherwise dismal year for the GOP. They must have been on to something. I can only hope, for my country and for my unemployed friends and family, that even more Gays will vote Republican in November.

    A faithful reader,


  • the crustybastard

    The charlatan endorsed the con artist?


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