Why CNN Is Just As Guilty In Spreading Hate Rhetoric As Bill Donohue

CNN, Time Warner’s 24-hour cable news network, is not engaging in the type of responsible discourse Ted Turner dreamed up when e launched the channel. Instead, by inviting hate leaders like the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue on its programs — repeatedly — it is officially guilty of trafficking in vitriol and hate rhetoric.

We’re all for having reasoned debate. Mr. Donohue, sadly, uses bunk science, faulty logic, and a faith-based homophobia to draw his conclusions, and CNN is doing nobody any favors by giving him airtime. Merely countering his arguments with other guests who disagree is not enough. We don’t afford that privilege to KKK leaders. Nor should we for Donohue.

The only acceptable reason to invite Donohue — who is paid $372,501 a year to spread hate — on television is to interview him for a special called America’s Top 10 Haters. Nothing else.

This is no longer about offering up opposing sides to an argument, as journalism so often calls for. As we’ve said before, for the same reason white supremacists are not considered worthy of debating race issues, bigots like Donohue are not worthy of discussing issues of sexual orientation. By perpetuating his social corruption, CNN is no better than he.

This man is defending child molesters with the defense of homophobia. Nobody, and no television network, would give credence to the argument that the Catholic Church’s child molestation problem is a white person problem, because the majority of priests doing the molesting are white. It’s as equally ridiculous. And yet Donohue says: “There’s a difference between a cause and effect, and somebody saying if there’s an over-representation … if there’s a cultural link you need to explore it.” Okay, then let’s explore the white problem.