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Why Couldn’t CDC Counselor Marcia Walden Say Her Christianity Blocked Her From Counseling A Gross Lez?

Aww u guyz! Poor Marcia Walden just can’t catch a break. After being terminated from her counselor post at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Georgia for refusing to treat a lesbian employee who wanted advice on her same-sex relationship, Walden wants a federal court to let her discrimination suit against her former employer to move forward. See, Walden has these things called “strong Christian beliefs,” and not the ones that demand the devout to love thy neighbor, or treat them with respect or any such nonsense, but the ones that demonize gay people and treat their sexuality as a sickness. So back in 2007, instead of working with the lesbian CDC worker, Walden referred the woman to another counselor who worked at Computer Sciences Corporation, which was contracted by the CDC to provide employee counseling services. The woman filed a complaint and, a whopping two years later, Walden was let go after refusing a request from her supervisors that, rather than telling gay and lesbian clients that she had religious views in conflict with their sexuality, she tell them she didn’t have the proper experience. According to her contract Walden and others were allowed to refuse clients based on religious beliefs, but not do so in a way that “would cause potentially serious damage”; the CDC determined Walden did cause damage, and had Computer Sciences Corporation terminate her from its contract. (As WorldNetDaily put it in 2008, Walden was fired for “trying to help” the lesbian woman.) As you’d expect, Walden is backed by the Alliance Defense Fund, and the video above is produced by the Family Research Council, which has sympathy for the poor girl. And we all know, but Tony Perkins reminds us in the video, the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act would only further discriminate against good Christians.