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Why Did 28 Players + Coaches Quit Indiana University’s Women’s Basketball Team? Its Anti-Lez Coach, Perhaps

Shann Hart and Chanel Spriggs, the head and assistant coach, respectively, of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis’ women’s basketball team, stand accused of “emotional abuse” after allegedly turning the team into a place where they quiz players on whether they’re dykes.

A three-member panel, led by a retired judge, is investigating allegations Hart (pictured, at left) and Spriggs created “an atmosphere of fear, favoritism, humiliation and inappropriate interest in their personal lives,” as claimed by 11 players. The Indianapolis Star says one player told the newspaper “Hart asked explicitly about her sexual orientation. Others described a reckless postgame rant by the coach that centered on accusations of players breaking team rules by becoming involved in intimate relationships with each other.” And yes: Indiana Equality is involved, reaching out to university president Michael McRobbie about the allegations; the panel’s findings will be reported to him and the school’s board of trustees, though it’s unclear whether the panel will also make a recommendation about if and how to discipline Hart and Spriggs.

IUPUI’s women’s team has seen a stunning number of people leave. In the past four seasons alone, 28 players and assistant coaches have quit. That includes 19 scholarship players; quitting the team would likely mean they would have to leave school or start paying full tuition.

Now quick, come up with a sports metaphor to describe this whole situation!

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  • bluenosedive

    I can’t imagine women’s sports without lesbian players and lesbian fans. These coaches just need to get used to the fact that we “dykes” play a huge part in women’s sports.

    And we don’t look too bad doing it either ^_~

  • Michael

    Slum dunk.

  • Klien J.

    What a cunt Shann Hart is, and a fat one too. Look at her, how can someone so out of shape (and clearly ignorant) be coaching any atheltic sports, much less woman’s basketball. Go back to singing at the Church (and the soul food afterwards) lady.

  • Miles

    good for Indiana Equality for tackling this and for all involved.

  • Hoosier

    The headline is misleading: Indiana University is a different entity from IUPUI, which is the team/coach in question. No matter, still a terrible situation.


    Most women who do sports are lez anyway. Even their 6000 fans are lez and field trip kids.

  • pete

    @REVEMUPMAN: Say it ain’t so!! Next you’ll be saying that female golfers and field hockey players are lez too!

  • hotone2me

    Ya know its really sorta stupid to try to find out which player is Gay or not.. hummmm!! Its like trying to decide which football or basketball male athlete is homophobic!!! Some things come with the territory ex: Male figure skateing = gay feamale golpher = gay, male/female basketball player = gay, football ( American)= Gay, Football player male/female = gay, Swimmer male = gay .. he he!!

    Don’t go to the Kentucky Derby if you can’t stand hourse!!

    Get the point?


    @bluenosedive: 100% Co-Sign……I was dragged kicking and screaming to a NY Liberty game by some o’ my lady Lesbian friends at Madison Square Garden. You girls know how to toss a party! Was loud, crazy and lots ‘o fun……Kudos to those who gave that fat vile crunt a tremendous FU by resigning from the team……

    When a team loses so many key players you know the coach’s time is deservedly short……………….

  • the crustybastard

    How is a student athlete’s sexuality relevant to her performance?

    Fire the coach’s dumb ass.

    I’m sure there are abundant coaching opportunities for a infamous bigot at one of the many bigoted religious institutions.

  • Jeffree

    How could a coach of a women’s basketball team not understand that many if not most of her players might be lesbian? Better question: why does she care if they are or not.

    Three of my best women friends play college sports (1 softball, 2 basketball) and they’re L and they’ll tell you that they’re far from alone. That’s just one school, granted but **really** that coach needs to get outta that job if she can’t handle that aspect of her vocation !

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