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Why Did Carl Paladino Leave Brooklyn’s Jews Hanging Over ‘Dysfunctional Homosexuals’?

In what can only be described as predictable, New York gubernatorial candidate and rageaholic Carl Paladino told a group of Jewish leaders in Brooklyn all about the “dysfunctional homosexual” lifestyle. Or at least he was supposed to.

“I didn’t march in the gay pride parade this year. My opponent did,” read Paladino’s script for the event in front of a sympathetic audience of Orthodox Jewish community heads. “There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That’s not how God created us, and that’s not the example that we should be showing our children, and certainly not in our schools.”

But what did Paladino actually say?

Reporters’ tweets included the “dysfunctional homosexual” text, but Paladino’s campaign now insists he never said those words. They were simply in the prepared text of his speech, reportedly “negotiated” with the Jewish temple he spoke at. So here are the actual words that left his mouth: “I just think my children and your children would be much better off and much more successful getting married and raising a family, and I don’t want them brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option. It isn’t.”


Paladino’s Democratic opponent, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, quickly put out this note: “Mr. Paladino’s statement displays a stunning homophobia and a glaring disregard for basic equality. These comments along with other views he has espoused make it clear that he is way out of the mainstream and is unfit to represent New York.”

Indeed. Paladino says he’d never permit same-sex marriage to become law under his watch, a point he repeated at another meeting Sunday. (Previously a supporter of civil unions for gays, Paladino on Sunday included even those as part of “the homosexual agenda.”)

Paladino’s remarks — prepared or written — are horrible no matter what context, but given the recent spate of suicides and violence in New York City, the same place he was delivering his remarks, it’s abhorrent. Of course Palaindo’s spokesman Michael Caputo has an answer for that: “Carl feels that the people accused of beating and hurting those gay men should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Carl’s positions on the issues don’t change with the news of the day.”

That’s actually true. Paladino still believes racist emails to his construction buddies are hilarious.

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  • John (CA)

    I think the Democrats will hold onto all the major offices in New York and California. Dissatisfaction with the blue team is at historic highs. And the Republicans actually had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make huge gains in the nation’s two largest Democratic states. But they had to nominate the insane Tea Party endorsed racists and homophobes.

  • peter

    The Teabag Party has finally shown its true face. All this crap about spending and taxes is just a smoke screen for the same old bigotry and ignorance.


    This scumbag is nothing more than a pandering bigoted piece of fecal matter with arms, legs, and an empty cranium stuck into it………..

    At that hatefest with the orthodox Jews (I won’t even start with those guys…….)he declared himself the “religious values” candidate. Maybe he can enlighten us as to just which religion his values emulate, it would seem those oh so very pious folks may have a problem with a slug who fucks a woman while he is married to another woman and has a child out of wedlock…….

    But yet he declares our community as “dysfunctional”……..

  • robert in nyc

    I’m not surprised. He states he’s for “family value”, among other things….yet he fathered a child out of wedlock. To those who are disillusioned with the Democrats as am I, don’t stay home on November 2. If you do, you’ll help Paladino get elected as the next governor. Paladino is the true face of the Republican party, bigoted and hypocritical. The dysfunctional gays he mentions are who vote for the GOP.

  • robert in nyc

    I’m not surprised. He states he’s for “family value”, among other things….yet he fathered a child out of wedlock. To those who are disillusioned with the Democrats as am I, don’t stay home on November 2. If you do, you’ll help Paladino get elected as the next governor. Paladino is the true face of the Republican party, bigoted and hypocritical. The dysfunctional gays he mentions are those who vote for the GOP.

  • scott ny'er

    @John (CA): Let’s hope what you predict will come true.

    I’m glad people like Paladino are open, direct, and show their true colors in public settings…preferably in front of cameras. It helps us cause to see their true nature in the light of day and the media more importantly. While people of their ilk will cheer these characters on there are hopefully others who are on the fence who will see this and realize that people like Paladino are just hateful and should not be in office. And thus will vote for a better person/candidate.


    @scott ny’er: I really was kinda hoping your post would come true. Problem is that in a lot of the races the nutbag teabagger actually have a decent chance of being elected. Once upon a time, a candidate with their pedigree and views would be disavowed by the party if they got nominated. Now the repugnaticans are kowtowing to these lunatics and actually getting behind them. When Christine O’Donnelll was first nominate people like Karl Rove of all people were knocking her as being out of touch and unelectable. That lasted for a nanosecond and suddenly all these certified lunatics are being backed fully by the party in words and funds. One can only hope that common sense prevails on election day and people realize these asshats will do nothing but further turn DC into more of a clusterfuck than it already is……….

  • John

    Dysfunctional? Us? Pot. kettle. black. What a vile and disgusting asshole Carl is, but it’s not that surprising. I wouldn’t have voted for him in a million years because he’s a gray faced, unhinged, tempermental, miserable nut job. And all those dickheads clapping along like robots? Fuck them too. How quickly they forget what it’s like to be hated and persecuted. That made me sick to my stomach. I don’t want that asshole representing MY state. I hope this is the final nail in his coffin.

  • ousslander

    was going to vote for him but crazy carl just got to crazy. maybe I’ll write my own name in.

  • robert in nyc

    In a way I’m glad he and his ilk are out there because the people can first hand just how out of touch with reality those people are. If that’s the face of the GOP, heaven help them, heading for yet another defeat. Notice the silence of the key GOPer’s which tells you they endorse what he’s saying. So to the gay republicans, remember when you vote on November 2, you’re voting for the same old party that continues to vote against your rights, they haven’t changed and never will. They don’t want DADT repealed, they don’t want ENDA enacted and they certainly don’t want you to marry. Paladino has made that quite clear. He speaks for the GOP, remember that. What he said to the orthodox Jews about us, part of the dehumanization of which the GOP are masters, sends a signal to the homophoboes that its ok to go out and bash and bully us, kills us even and in some cases helps enable suicides among gay youths. Cuomo was right, Paladino displays stunning homophobia and is unfit for public office.

  • Kieran

    Nice to see these “oppressed” Hasidic Jews that were invited into our country are now instigating harassment against gay-Americans, but wouldn’t they be much happier in Israel where they can harass Palestinians?

  • robert in nyc

    Kieran, orthodox Jews have learned nothing from their own history. The holocaust should be a reminder to them of the consequences when a minority is singled out for villification, dehumanization and discrimination. They of course support it when they endorse Paladino’s statement. Shame on them. By their support of Paladino they are inviting anti-semitism to rear its ugly head. They’ve lost my respect for good.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Kieran: So-called Palestinians are even more homophobic than orthodox Jews (for whom I have NO love, don’t get me wrong). But Palestinazis are worse. Both of them deserve what they get.

    Don’t think your support of that breeder Spic Sanchez’s anti-semitic comments (I’ll stop slurring his ethnicity when he stops slurring my religion) has been forgotten. Your swastika is showing.

    Meanwhile, how many horses lost their heads to get Paladino on the ballot? We could end our dependence on foreign oil by building a rig on his greasy guinea dago wop ass.

    I’m sick of crying crocodile tears over racist, sexist, or bigoted comments when they’re aimed at those who deserve it. From now on, if you slur my sexual orientation, I will slur your race, religion, nationality, gender, and especially your sexual orientation. But I exclude gay minorities from those slurs. I apologize to anyone I admonished over using racial slurs against homophobes of color, because quite frankly, I now agree with you. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and all that.

    Palestinazis are genocidal camel fuckers, and Orthodox Jews are goyim, as far as I’m concerned. And they still couldn’t keep Israel from being ahead of the US in terms of gay equality. Anyone who calls themselves a Jew and hates gay people is not a Jew. And before you throw Leviticus at me, keep in mind Biblical Literalism is a KKKristian concept to which I do not subscribe.

    But there’s no group I hate more that white heterosexual liberals.

  • wompman

    @ John (CA) – I hope you are right. Hopefully this idiot has done himself in with his lunacy. Every time he opens his mouth he makes a fool of himself.

    I’m not so sure about California doing the right thing. Whitman and Fiorina are way too close to getting elected and Prop 8 made it quite glaringly obvious that California voters sometimes make huge (and hateful) mistakes.

  • UpStaircase

    Queer Supremacist : You’re kind of a loon, but I gotta admit at least you’re fair. And because you raised the subject, yes, I’m not Jewish but I know a lot of them (varied types and degrees of observancy) and most of them don’t even consider the Hasidim real Jews, they see them as some whole other sect of people. Jews, generally-speaking, are relatively very cool about gays. (Of course the Hasidim think THEY are the only real Jews).

  • James

    Carl Paladino was not too bright going for the Orthodox Jewish vote. These people are ignorant, and have never evolved. They live in their own world. They will never send one of there own in service too the armed forces. We support Israel with the blood of our soldiers fighting in other country’s that surround there homeland. I wish these cult Jews would go and live in Israel. The USA has no place for haters like them. Carl was set-up by the backwards Jews in Williams-burg N.Y. I am a believer equal rights for all. I think Carl is as well. These Jews are not. too bad Carl. You sounded like you can be good for N.Y.

  • robert in nyc

    James, Carl Paladino is not for equal rights, he’s made that quite clear when he says he does not support same-sex marriage and will veto any bill authorizing it if he is ever elected as governor. Further, he doesn’t even support civil unions but only certain rights for gay people. Be careful what you wish and vote for on November 2. Damage control after his insincere “apology”, if you could call it that, has come far too late. I don’t want a loose cannon running my state, least of all a homophobe which is what he really is. He’s unfit to govern, period.

  • James

    @Robert in nyc:
    Hi Robert, You make a valid point. I’m just so fed-up with NYS powerful unions that suck our money like vampires. I work 60 hours a week in a Buffalo fast food establishment as a manager. As a single man my taxes are out of bounds. I fully believe in what you are saying about social issues and Carl. You live in N.Y.C you have more insulation from Haters of gay people. I was so outraged by those Jews. I’m sure when they were side by side in the concentration camps with Gay people they were not thinking about how too rip the hearts out of a persecuted minority. Those ultra hating Jews are poison. You see a lot more of them then I do. I think they are so lucky to be in mostly cash businesses. The original reform Jews that helped progress our great USA in the 19th and 20th century are being spit on by these Cult backwards Jews that hate gays and other minority’s.

  • robert in nyc

    James, those orthodox rabbis have now told Paladino they cannot support him because he was forced to apologize to us, a half-assed disengenuous one at that. Had some of his party colleagues not badgered him into doing it, he wouldn’t have offered any apology or retracted his statement. Probably behind closed doors he’ll contact the bigots in Brooklyn and tell them that his apology was just window dressing political correctness, but will make sure that if he’s elected governor that we’ll get no rights, certainly not marriage or even civil unions. He talks out of both sides of his mouth and can’t be trusted.

    These same rabbis have now vowed to start their own ultra-orthodox tea party movement. What a hoot, good luck with that. Even reform Jews shun them. They are despicable people and I will never respect them. They need to look closer, they have their own gay rabbis among them. I remember a friend of mine who was in Greenwich Village back in the early 80s. He saw quite a few of them in their weird garb looking to pick up young males for sex. He said he’d wished he’d had a camera to record it. Imagine if YouTube had been around then and he’d posted it for the world to see. Not surprising why they vote republican either, their party is a breeding ground for self-loathers and bigots on the down-low.

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