Why Did GM Pull Those Hot Bumble Bee Boys Off YouTube?


You might’ve thought General Motors — just out of bankruptcy — was really trying to reach the gay audience when it debuted the “Bumble Bee Boys in Briefs” video this month. But all of a sudden, the clip showing two cuties washing the new 2010 Camaro (wearing only yellow underwear with the car’s model spelled on the butts) disappeared from YouTube. What gives?

GM didn’t fully “vet” the viral clip, and once upper levels of management caught wind, they ordered it pulled. Also gone? “Another shows the preparation of the briefs the “go go boys” are wearing as they wash a Camaro: C-A-M-A-R-O was stitched across the bottoms. A third is up-close-and-personal with the two models — one is a graduate college student in public policy.”


“Bumble Bee Boys” was promoting “Chevrolet Gay Day at the Movies,” a sponsored event in Los Angeles tied to the premiere of Transformers 2; one of the characters in the film is named Bumble Bee.

Maybe the clip did a little too good a job promoting the event? Because clearly it was too racy for corporate. The folks responsible for spending billions in taxpayer dollars didn’t want to send the impression the government bailout was being used to, like, show off go-go boys. “Our LGBT outreach group did just some grassroots, viral, simple videos to promote the event itself,” says GM’s LGBT media relations head Travis Parman. “Our LGBT group who normally handles this thing is the group who did it, so we didn’t want to shy away from that responsibility. But it had not been vetted through every single group.” And had it been? “It probably never would have been posted.”

And here we thought GM wanted us to think the Camaro was a dude magnet.

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