Why Did Huffington Post Kill Its “Rick Perry Is Gay” Story?

Remember how we told you Glen Maxey—the first openly gay member of the Texas Legislature—wrote a book asserting that Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is a big homo? And how Maxey was working with a reporter from a  “national news oulet” to drag all of Perry’s assorted skeletons out of the closet?

Well, Politico says that the outlet was none other than the Huffington Post, and that the reporter, Jason Cherkis, was pulled off the story, leaving Maxey to complete the piece himself and self-publish it on Amazon.

HuffPo honcho Arianna Huffington said she ended up axing the story because “there was no there there.” She also said that her decision to kill the story had nothing to do with the fact that the Perry campaign had hired high-powered attack-dog lawyer Lin Wood to yell at news outlets who threatened to run unfavorable stories.

“We looked at what we had; we realized that it was not a publishable story, and it was over,” she said. “The story was already killed before we got the letter from Lin Wood. I never even read the letter.” She added: “If we feel good about a story or stories, we run them, no matter what the legal threat. That’s not an issue. We have a great legal department and have no problem taking on legal challenges.”

The Perry campaign allegedly hired Wood after hearing Cherkis was digging up dirt on some of those pesky gay rumors.

Ray Sullivan, a Perry spokesman, told Politico that the governor’s team decided to hire Wood in August when “we got wind that” Huffington Post—which he described dismissively as “a liberal Web-based media outlet”— “seemed intent on quickly writing lies about the governor, and we were concerned about the speed at which those lies could be published online.”

So will Wood orchestrate a lawsuit against Maxey, since he went ahead and published the story on his own? Or is that too small a bull to rope?

Photo via Gage Skidmore

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  • Jewed Law

    That’s the problem with the Internet: Everyone thinks they can write anything about anyone and it’s OK, truth be damned. It’s not OK. Maybe Arianna and her team had a moment of sanity and realized a story as tabloidy as this might only serve to demean her brand more than hurt Perry.

  • B

    No. 1 · Jewed Law wrote, “Maybe Arianna and her team had a moment of sanity …”

    Sounds to me that they were behaving sanely the whole time – they most likely told Glen Maxey to come up with some real evidence to back up any claims he was making, which means
    Maxey would be doing all the work, while the Huffington Post wouldn’t be spending any significant money (staff salaries) until it appeared that the story was legitimate. When Maxey didn’t produce the goods, they escorted him to the door. Their reporters probably are tracking a number of stories in a similar way. Why go around to find “dirt” when someone else is going to do it for you?

  • Glen Maxey (the author of the book)

    Or maybe it was because all the editors up to the top ok’ed Jason Cherkis’ story, I was told it was going to be published three days hence. And then I was told Ms. Huffington had killed the story after talking to people in New York (where AOL’s headquarters and general counsel’s office are located).

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Glen Maxey (the author of the book): I’m just curious: Is outing Perry an attempt to hurt him politically? Because, seriously, the man doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Texas of getting the Republican nomination, so it seems to me this might be more an effort to smear the man personally rather than professionally. I didn’t read your piece, so I can’t judge it one way or another, but like I said, just curious.

  • jason

    Ariana Huffington is not gay-friendly in my view. She divorced a gay man, didn’t she?

    As for Huffington Post, it’s a pro-censorship site. An incredible number of comments get censored, even ones that are not defamatory. It censors perfectly legitimate commentary from posters. Should it surprise that it has censored this Perry Is Gay story?

    Ariana Huffington can fuck off and so can the pro-censorship site that takes her name.

  • jeff4justice

    Since Obama has no primary challenger, LGBTs should vote for Ron Paul in primaries. He’s the least damaging Republican to the LGBT community. He’s no LGBT hero but he’s nowhere near the villain the other GOP contenders are.

    He stated in an interview with John Stossal that he is ok with gay couples marrying; he voted against amending the US constitution to forbid marriage equality; he voted to end DADT; and he does not sign the anti-LGBT pledges (such as the pledge to investigate gays) by groups like NOM.

    He also opposes the indefinite detention bill. Imagine the other GOP nominees with indefinite detention powers and a national LGBT investigation. Scary stuff.

    Especially in states with open primaries (like CA now), it’s the most logical strategic vote to make.

    If you really want to vote by conviction and honesty instead of strategic voting, then vote for a Green or Peace & Freedom candidate since there parties are 100% pro-equality.

  • Wow


    Please re-read your comment, especially this part

    “Ariana Huffington is not gay-friendly in my view. She divorced a gay man, didn’t she?”

  • Jperon

    The least damaging Republican, by far, is NOT Ron Paul but Gary Johnson. Unlike Ron Paul, Gary supports the right of gay couples to marry legally. Ron also has the history of voting to make sodomy a crime in the District of Columbia. And his newsletters published some viciously anti-gay material which was published under Ron’s name, with him as editor and publisher and he was the owner of the publication as well.

  • Joanaroo

    Jason is correct. Many people have had comments edited off of Huff Post, and I don’t mean trolls or totally outrageous commenters. I know of 2 people who were banned from Huff Post, only because their politics differed from Arianna’s. She’s too right-leaning for me. None of the banned or edited were me. I only read it to see what is going on on the page.

  • B

    No. 6 · jeff4justice wrote, “He [Ron Paul] stated in an interview with John Stossal that he is ok with gay couples marrying; he voted against amending the US constitution to forbid marriage equality; he voted to end DADT; and he does not sign the anti-LGBT pledges (such as the pledge to investigate gays) by groups like NOM.”

    Ron Paul does, however, support DOMA claiming it is a matter of states rights.

    http://www.towleroad.com/2011/05/paul.html has two videos, one of Ron Paul’s position
    on “gay marriage” and his position on drugs. The video for his position on same-sex
    marriage was taken down due to multiple “copyright infringements” but the one on drugs
    is still there. You’ve got to wonder if the “copyright infringements” are just an excuse to keep something from the public.

  • tlbuffin

    Why would any gay person want to vote for a fringe lunatic like Ron Paul when we already have the most gay friendly administration in history? A gay voting for a Republican is like a Jew voting for a Nazi.
    State’s right’s is nothing but a catch phrase used by racists to deny people their constitutionally guarranteed right’s by leavig it to the states. The right to be married will never be approved by the states. It has to be a federal proposition for everyone to achieve equality. Two thirds of the states will never approve of gay marriage or even basic civil rights for gays without being forced to by the federal goverment. Get real.

  • Riker

    @dan: I’m sorry, did you just link to neo-nazi website Stormfront as evidence of something? Aside from the fact that it is horribly unreliable for anything, it does not even contain the information you claim it does.

  • Robert Morrow

    Glen Maxey is telling the truth. In fact, Maxey only knows the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to Rick Perry’s rampaging BISEXUAL adultery. Google “Robert Morrow Stuffed Suits.com” for my articles on Rick Perry’s dirty double life.

    I wrote this article months ago …

    Rick Perry and his “San Francisco Values”

    Strippers, hookers, gay sex with closeted homosexual men, gay prostitutes, cocaine, adultery, a lifetime of sodomy, fornication, arrogance, entitlement, recklessness, and whopping doses of Hypocrisy& Lying

    ** We don’t need “arrogant and reckless” in the White House **

    Robert Morrow Austin, TX 512-306-1510

    There are two things you need to know about Rick Perry: 1) he has been a homosexual for his entire life as well as a rampaging bisexual adulterer living a dirty double life every bit as much in the gutter as Bill Clinton for his entire “marriage” of 30 years to poor Anita 2) he wears his religion on his sleeves and has for many years used his Christian witness, Bible talk and anti-gay policies for political gain. Rick Perry has had sex with many strippers, female hookers, closeted gay men and gay escorts. Rick Perry also a longtime user of cocaine. Many of Perry’s sex partners have been as young as 18 or 19 years of age.
    Here is Rick talking about Anita: “If they put pictures in the Bible the way they do in the dictionary, Anita’s picture would be near Proverbs 31.” Also, “She is the love of my life and has probably taught me more about God’s love through her personal example than anything else.”
    The Perry reality is something different. Rick and Anita have a Bill and Hillary Clinton political “marriage.” Ann Fraley, my Facebook friend from Texas, posted: “We were on vacation a few years ago in Colorado and a lady we met on the gondola that takes you to the top of the mountain said she was a cousin of Anita Perry’s and the whole family was just disgusted at the mean way he treats her. She didn’t mention adultery but just hatefulness in his manner toward her.”
    Rick Perry for years has been driven up to strip clubs in a limousine (or an SUV). Because he is so high profile, Perry rarely goes in. Instead Perry stays in the limo, either half coked up or half drunk, and regularly sends his entourage in to bribe some strippers into coming with the Perry entourage. I have a source who has been in the San Antonio strip clubs for 10 years and he says that is exactly what Perry and his enabling entourage used to do. My source says, “He [Perry] used to take the dogs, the girls who were pretty well traveled, if you know what I mean.” I was given the name of an 18 year old stripper who Rick Perry had sex with. She told her friends that he sweated a lot. One of the side effects of cocaine use is profuse sweating.
    I gave her name to a reporter and to an opposition researcher on Perry. They are currently looking for her.
    Perry reminds me a lot of Ted Haggard, who rose to the leadership position of the national evangelicals while at the same time living a double life of highly promiscuous gay sex and crystal meth usage. Other folks Perry reminds of are Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Gary Hart, Elliot Spitzer, Larry Craig, Bill Clinton, John Edwards. Political leader and outwardly religious on the outside while rampantly bisexual adulterous drug user on the inside.
    People ask, if there is that MUCH dirt on Perry, why in the world would he even think of going under the microscope of a presidential campaign? Answer: Perry is arrogant, entitled and reckless. Like some other politician/evangelists, Perry feels that he is bulletproof and above the law. He has been deceiving people so long and is so expert in living his double life that he, like Bill Clinton, feels he can lie his way through any situation. Bill Clinton used to tell his state troopers that unless they find me with a live goat, I will just lie about it. Ditto Rick Perry.
    Nobody knew about Tiger Woods’ rampant adultery until it blew sky high a few years ago. Tiger Woods with his wholesome image was/is is one of the most high profile people in the world. Same thing: Michael Jordan for years- now divorced. Most folks don’t know that the real reason Republican Sen. Trent Lott resigned in 2007 was because of his affair with a gay escort Benjamin Nicholas of San Antonio was being exposed. Trent Lott has probably been living a double life as a homosexual for his entire political career and marriage.
    In 2004 Rick Perry came dangerously close to personal and political annihilation when his likely affair with gay Secretary of State Geoffrey Conner was exposed. The story in Austin was that Anita walked in on Rick Perry and Geoffrey Conner having sex and she responded in an understandably explosive way. Anita moved out of the Governor’s mansion and into the Driskill Hotel. Supposedly she retained Becky Beaver, the top divorce attorney in Austin. Rumors about Rick Perry & Geoffrey Conner gay affair were at a crescendo around Austin; as were rumors of an impending Perry divorce. Homosexual activists in Austin even gathered around the governor’s mansion and had a “coming out of the closet” rally on behalf of Rick Perry.
    Then something funny happened. 2004 was an election year and the national Republicans swooped down to put a lid on the scandal. Ray Hill told me that his contacts in the Driskill Hotel said that President George W. Bush, Laura Bush and Anita Perry had a private dinner by themselves, over in the corner of the Driskill dining room. Very probably the Bushes told Anita to not get a divorce which would also bring on a political scandal with it, especially during an election year.
    I think that from that point on Rick and Anita have had a Bill and Hillary Clinton type of phony “marriage.” I was one of the folks fooled by the cover up. If you had asked me in 2004 if I though Rick Perry had sex with me, I would have said no way! Based on what I know in the year 2011, I think Rick Perry has been a promiscuous homosexual for his entire adult life – really a rampant bisexual. Perry uses his outward religion and Christianity like a lizard changes his skin to camouflage his adulterous lifestyle.
    I initially found out about Perry’s double life in 2009 when an attractive female stripper told me about her direct dealings with Rick Perry. This lady said that she was dancing on the center stage one night when a member of Perry’s entourage came up to her and said here is $500 – that is just for starters and just for coming with us. $500 is about what a dancer in Austin would make all night with table dances and tips – so she said yes and got dressed in her regular clothes.
    Perry’s entourage took her out side to the parking lot of the strip club and guess who was waiting for her in the back of a limousine: Rick Perry! The stripper got in the limo and soon was playing around with Perry – I think she was trying to give him a Monica Lewinsky (oral sex). Here are her direct words to me “I think he [Perry] was too coked up” to get it up, to perform sexually. When it came time to leave, Perry gave her and outrageous sum so money, so much that I assume Perry is taking bribes and illegal gifts to fund his extracurricular activities. The amount that Perry gave this stripper for a little special time was $5,000. I think he was giving her such a large amount of money to make sure she would be quiet; instead he made a story out of it.
    Later in 2009, I had another young lady tell me about her direct dealings with an inner circle member of Perry’s entourage. She said that this man was bragging to her about what Rick Perry does on the road when he travels. He said that Perry gets the “young hotties” and they take them back to Perry’s hotel where they are literally having orgies and group sex. For example, Perry might be having sex with one young woman about the age of his 24 year old daughter Sydney while his entourage member might be having sex with another woman on another bed. Perry and his entourage are either calling escort services or picking up “young hotties” impressed by an arrogant, entitled governor of Texas.
    The second lady who told me about the “young hotties” is very credible. She is educated and she knows her way around the world politically in Austin. She runs with the elite of Austin and after she told me her story there was no doubt in mind that Rick Perry has been rampantly adulterous with strippers and escorts.
    In August, 2011, I was told by yet another young woman in Austin who is friends with one of Austin’s longtime and popular escorts that Rick Perry had a tryst with her friend in one of the nicer hotels in Austin. In June, 2011, a local Austin reporter was telling me that they had heard about Rick Perry and the strippers in 2006, but they never could nail it down. Well, consider it confirmed.
    Recently I spoke with a man who has spent 10 years working in the strip club industry in San Antonio. My source also confirmed that Rick Perry does the same thing in San Antonio that he does in Austin. Perry’s entourage used to drive up to strip clubs in San Antonio; Perry, because he is high profile, does not actually go into the clubs, instead he sends his entourage inside to procure the strippers. My source said “He [Perry] used to take the dogs, the girls who were pretty well traveled, if you know what I mean.” That would be older strippers, running late on the rent money, who will hope in a limo or SUV with any member of Rick Perry’s entourage who waves money in front of their noses.
    I was also given the name of an 18 year old stripper who Rick Perry had sex with years ago when he was governor. She told her girlfriends that he sweated a lot.
    I have yet another source here in Austin who used to be the manager of one of the nicer hotels. He said that on 2 separate occasions in 2006 that he personally escorted 18 or 19 year old women to Rick Perry’s room. The escorts were being sent to the front desk of the hotel and his job was to make sure they got directly to Perry’s room. Obviously, there was no Anita Perry around when these shenanigans were occurring.

  • Robert Morrow

    Rick Perry has had sex with many men:

    For years I did not believe that Rick Perry had sex with men, even though the *gay rumors* surrounding Rick Perry in Austin, TX, have been voluminous, intense and will not go away. I certainly did not believe Perry was gay when I found out about his playing around with strippers and some female escorts that I knew in Austin. I figured that Rick was like me: that is he liked women … except that I have not been married for 30 years, I don’t go around autographing Bibles in South Carolina and I don’t curry favor with extremist, religious authoritarian preachers for political gain – all things Rick Perry does.
    I am now convinced that Rick Perry has sex with men and has had sexual relationships with men for many decades. Perry is a longtime, rampaging bisexual adulterer who has attempted to wrap himself in the Bible to cover for his dirty double life in the gutter.
    On 9/8/11 I spoke with a longtime newspaperman who has been following the gay angle on Rick Perry for 10 years. He told me that he has a source who went to high school with Perry at Paint Creek and even back then Rick Perry was a homosexual. Then it was off to Texas A&M where Perry was a cheerleader or yell leader. No primary source on Rick Perry’s homosexuality has even gone publicly on the record, but I think that the secondary sources of his homosexuality are overwhelming. I am also 100% sure that Perry has been rampantly adulterous for a very long time with strippers and female escorts.
    I know at least 2 gay men who are trying to talk other gay men into coming public with their gay sex affairs with Rick Perry. One of these men is a corporate executive in Austin and the other one is a traveling gay escort.
    Here is a post on FIT News by MuscleJockTx on 8/15/11 on the article “Is Rick Perry Gay?:” I think it reflects well the disgust that almost all gays in Austin and Texas have about Rick Perry. They have inside information on Perry’s homosexuality and they are appalled at the man’s rank hypocrisy. I have been in contact with “MuscleJockTx” and he and his friend are encouraging the man who had sex with Perry to come forward:

    “I’m a Native Texan, and have lived in Austin 3 times, having traveled a good bit and always finding myself back in our beautiful city–it draws me back like a magnet. This time around, I’ve been here since 1999.

    I’m also a gay man, and am out to my family, friends and clients. I personally know a gay man who had a fling with Perry, shortly before he was Governor. He currently lives here in Austin, and holds a high level management position with a multi-national corporation. Personally, I couldn’t care less who Perry drops his undies with. But what I do take personal offense about is how he’s allied himself with extremist gay hatemongers, the so-called Religious Right–whom I call Evangelical Dumbf___s. Perry’s festival of hatred and exclusion in Reliant Stadium last weekend, hosted by the ED’s, was truly the last straw. Bad enough that these people have such wacked out, batshit crazy ideas and ideologies. But it’s truly unforgivable that they have targeted gay people with such a virulent hatred–and Mr. P is cheerily complicit in this, might as well have his pom-poms out and do a little cheering on the sidelines. It’s all good, so long as they’re lining his pockets with cash, and guaranteeing him a huge voting block of Jeebus zombies.

    It is NOT okay to incite gay bashing, hate crimes and contribute to gay teen suicides, and I do hold Mr. P partially responsible for all these things. And really, how repugnant is this, that a person would stoop to such a low level just to gain more power. Perry is such a classicly closeted gay bashing RepugnantCon on the DL (psychologists call it Reaction Formation, when one attacks a person or ideology outside of oneself because they find it unpalatable that the same stuff is inside of them). Larry King asked Bill Maher on one of his last shows, “So why would a supposedly gay and closeted Republican express so much hatred towards other gays?” Maher replied with a smirk, “Because, Larry, don’t you know that the greatest love of all is self hatred?” See anything here that rings a bell, Ricky P?

    Anybody who thinks this twisted, morally bankrupt, corporate owned hooker would make a good prezzy needs to have their head examined. And frankly, years of research have led me to believe that the whole Bilderberger thing is for real–and God help all of us if these global elitists manage to inject this sick bastard into the White House. He’ll make us think Shrub and Chumley were Boy Scouts.”

    Another post by J. Wilson at FIT News on 8/13/11 had this to say about Perry – and by the way, this type of anecdote on Perry is extremely common in Austin, TX. Basically, Perry was trying to use the sympathy ploy to seduce another man. J. Wilson said:

    “Of course Prick Perry is gay. He approached one of my friends in the hall of the capital a year or so ago. Put his arns around him and told him that he was sorry that my friend and his wife had separated and told him to come over to the mansion and he would make things all better for him. My friend had to be restrained from knocking the living hell out of him. Perry is scum and many of his family members will tell you the same thing. If this dude were to ever become president, I am moving to Canada – cold or no cold. He is white trash. There also needs to be an investigation about his involvement with Turner who was once President of Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. He is seen in more of Perry’s pictures than his alleged wife.”

    Jose Soto is another source on Rick Perry’s homosexuality. Watch the You Tube video “Rick Perry is Definitely Gay” – go to the 9 minute mark and hear Jose Soto describe a gay escort who says he had sex with Rick Perry. Apparently Rick Perry likes young latino men. Uploaded on YouTube by JoseSotoShow.

    Jose Soto on Rick Perry 6/30/11:

    “And I’ve been told that Rick Perry is just like Larry Craig. He is very gay, very greedy. And he LOVES young latino men. That’s what I know. That is what I have been told. And I believe these people. And I believe them. Because they are very credible. And I have my own source in one of the big gay media outlets. I’m not gonna say which one.
    Because he tells me what is happening behind the curtains of the gay mafia. And he tells me, you know, what’s happening. He is a little older than me. And he tells me.

    Oh, yes, Rick Perry, Rick Perry is one big flamer. He is HUGELY gay. And I was of the confidence, that is what I believe. And I know that some of you may have your own opinions and your own assumptions. But because of the evidence that I have seen, the people that I talk to, the people that I know in the gay media who know these prostitutes- these gay prostitutes and gay porn stars that fly into the Bohemian Grove every year in June. They told me yes [Rick Perry is gay.] And I believe them because they are credible.” Jose Soto 6/30/11

    And it is what I believe it is the people that I talk to in the gay media. They told me yes. And I believe them because they are credible.

    Rick Perry is Gay video – go to the 9 minute mark

  • dan


    can you read? this neo-nazi fundraising appeal (paul-speak: moneybomb) is easily found at the stormefront site i linked to above, along with plenty of discussion from neo-nazis and skinheads who support him.
    of course, this wouldn’t matter so much (and you could just say “a candidate can’t be held responsible for the views of his supporters), if he hadn’t profited off of racist and anti-Semitic newsletters for years….

    “Please donate to the Ron Paul August 20 MoneyBomb!!!


    We are breaking through the media barriers!

    Lets make August 20 Money Bomb HUGE.

    Please donate this saturday as much as u can “

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