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Why Did NBC Yank Zac Efron’s Foot Fetish Video From the Entire Internet?


Looks like anyone out there with a fetish for Zac Efron’s feet will have to go digging through a media vault somewhere, since NBC has yanked the popular Saturday Night Live clip from YouTube, iTunes, and even How come? It’s unclear, but because NBC removed it from THE ENTIRE INTERNET, even its own site, it doesn’t appear to be a copyright violation claim. Rather, they might be responding to pressure from Camp Zefron, which could include 17 Again‘s producers and studio, which don’t want the tween icon growing up too fast into the dangerous territory of sex! But parading Efron around shirtless? Seems to still be absolutely A-OK.

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  • Geoff

    Just an opinion…but maybe because it crossed the line of “good taste” for the family image Disney is crafting for the guy.

    When it comes to fetishes the general population gets really uncomfortable discussing them let alone seeing them.

    My guess is that if the SNL castmember hadn’t actually tried/succeeded in mouthing Efrons foot at the end, it would have faded from the public mind. But doing that was the difference between inferring and committing a ‘sexual act’ which also could’ve been an issue with the FCC —as stupid as that sounds, it’s true.

    Nothing wrong with fetishes…everyone has them.

  • Michael W.

    E! Online says it was pulled because of music licensing issues with the songs that played in the background.

  • Eric

    Non-issue. It was pulled because of music licensing issues. It happens pretty regularly, actually, when there are sketches that involve music. (And ALL SNL sketches are ALWAYS pulled from YouTube.) I know that’s not as much fun as the conspiracy theory, but there you go.

  • Geoff

    @Michael W.: and Eric….I had to laugh….because after I reread my post I thought I sounded like I was making a case for the other gunman on the grassy knoll. I’m a dufus..sorry.

  • Michael W.

    @Geoff: Just looks like you were thinking too hard. Happens to me all the time. Plus Queerty implying that it was a conspiracy in the post itself didn’t help.

  • dgz

    no, you’re ALL wrong.
    it was pulled because it was funny, and that’s counter to everything SNL stands for.

    p.s. my apologies to Kristen Wiig, my girl-crush.

  • Tommysole

    I posted a video from a Halloween party I was at last year, 2 friends of mine singing in a drunken stupor, and because of the song in the back round in was yanked on copyright infringement.
    So there is no telling why this was pulled. Maybe there was a song in the back round and they decided c copyright was a good reason?

    Zac does have hot feet though!

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