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Why Did Rep. Louie Gohmert Make It So Easy To Name Him To America’s Most Bigoted Lawmakers List?

Letting gays to serve openly in the military will bring America “toward the end of [its] existence as a great nation,” Rep. Louie Gohmert claimed on the House floor yesterday. He might have a point: Letting gays serve openly in Congress has, evidently, opened the doors to guys like Gohmert also holding office and being constitutionally permitted to speak on the House floor. Barney Frank’s been serving since 1981; Gohmert got there in 2003. INEVITABLE COURSE OF EVENTS, PEOPLE.

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  • Anon

    You know whats scary?

    This guy is on the Subcommittee for the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

    Judging by his track record, he has no right being there.

  • Soupy

    There’s a great clip of Anderson Cooper reducing him to hysteria. He’s quite a stupid man.

  • Daez

    DADT WILL be repealed. People deserve to be who they are in the military and at home. Next step is ENDA. Lets just hope they figure out a way to get that past the next session of Congress.

  • Jim Hlavac

    I keep wondering how on earth we, um, shall we say, sissies, can be the cause of the destruction of civilization. What extraordinary powers we all must wield. Everyday we hear that we have this vast “homosexual lobby” “promoting homosexuality” with out “radical homosexual agenda” which is nothing more than “Oh pretty please, include us and don’t call us evil!” And all we do is lead such mundane lives of grocery shopping and laundry washing. And we do it with nary a billboard along the freeway. This is our threat. We’re normal, and they hate to think so.

    But it also boggles my mind to think that repressing and harassing 5% or so of the population is the key to keeping civilization afloat. It seems to be, that if this is true, then civilization isn’t built on much of rock. And it strikes me that if we are the glue that holds it all together, and for our being so darn peaceful and productive in the face of the onslaught, you’d think that they’d announce a “National Day of Thanks To Gays!” to honor gay people for being the repressed at the center of it all.

    But we don’t get even that bit of respect. And they tell us we think we’re so important, and too full of ourselves, as they tell us we’re so important for civilization by our willingness to accept second class citizenship with nothing more than a wave of a feather boa and a pair of speedos between us and societal doom.

  • On The Road

    This is the same guy that claimed pregnant Muslim women were being trafficked into the United States in order to give birth to “terror babies”. Total fruitcake.

  • John

    @On The Road: Now that, sir, is an insult to fruitcakes everywhere!

  • cubbie

    the blonde chick must tuck…….


    @Jim Hlavac: The problem is that we are the last acceptable group in which complete utter fools like Looney Louie can openly spew their hatred upon. The rightwing lunatics would love to be able to stand in front of a microphone and spew their vile rhetoric upon Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and even women. You just know they harbor the same feelings towards those groups as they do to the Gays but we are the only acceptable whipping boys left…………..

    And hopefully this scumbag will follow the typical MO of the rightwing lunatics who scream loudest about the Gays, usually they have a lotta small skeletons just about ready to tumble out of their closet……………..


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