Why Did The Huffington Post Call Their New LGBT Section “Gay Voices”?

The Huffington Post just opened a new LGBT section for “queer people to be able to gain information, discuss and debate issues, and witness and take pleasure in their presence in the world.” So why is it called “gay voices” instead of something that acknowledges our lesbian, bi, and trans communities?

Editor Noah Michelson explains:

“We considered a bunch of possibilities, including HuffPost Pride, HuffPost LGBT Voices and HuffPost Queer Voices. “Pride” felt wrong to me, as I want the vertical to be capable of critical (and I mean that in every sense of the word) as well as celebratory discourse (and if I’m being totally honest, it also felt just a tad too early-’90s). “LGBT Voices” is a little clinical and, to me, still not as instantly recognizable or evocative as Gay Voices (especially in mainstream circles). I personally prefer the term “queer” (as you’ve probably already noticed) as I think it most successfully speaks to the largest group of people who identify as having a marginalized sexual or gender identity (though, even still, there are arguments that it doesn’t actually satisfactorily address gender identity), including those who are polyamorous, asexual, kinky, etc. I also like that “queer” hints at the idea that there’s a bit of inherent glory in being considered different or non-normative. However, it’s still a controversial term and many people (including those with marginalized sexual identities) find it problematic and/or offensive, and so we didn’t think it was appropriate for use as the vertical’s primary identifying term.”

In short: “Pride” is too positive and old-timey, straight people don’t know what “LGBT” means, queers find “queer” offensive, but everyone knows that “gay” means homos… and by extension, the rest of us freaks.