Why Did The Huffington Post Call Their New LGBT Section “Gay Voices”?

The Huffington Post just opened a new LGBT section for “queer people to be able to gain information, discuss and debate issues, and witness and take pleasure in their presence in the world.” So why is it called “gay voices” instead of something that acknowledges our lesbian, bi, and trans communities?

Editor Noah Michelson explains:

“We considered a bunch of possibilities, including HuffPost Pride, HuffPost LGBT Voices and HuffPost Queer Voices. “Pride” felt wrong to me, as I want the vertical to be capable of critical (and I mean that in every sense of the word) as well as celebratory discourse (and if I’m being totally honest, it also felt just a tad too early-’90s). “LGBT Voices” is a little clinical and, to me, still not as instantly recognizable or evocative as Gay Voices (especially in mainstream circles). I personally prefer the term “queer” (as you’ve probably already noticed) as I think it most successfully speaks to the largest group of people who identify as having a marginalized sexual or gender identity (though, even still, there are arguments that it doesn’t actually satisfactorily address gender identity), including those who are polyamorous, asexual, kinky, etc. I also like that “queer” hints at the idea that there’s a bit of inherent glory in being considered different or non-normative. However, it’s still a controversial term and many people (including those with marginalized sexual identities) find it problematic and/or offensive, and so we didn’t think it was appropriate for use as the vertical’s primary identifying term.”

In short: “Pride” is too positive and old-timey, straight people don’t know what “LGBT” means, queers find “queer” offensive, but everyone knows that “gay” means homos… and by extension, the rest of us freaks.

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  • Damon

    Wow, this isn’t a big deal, at all. Gay is often used to refer to the LGBT community has a whole. Don’t get so defensive about it.

  • Little Kiwi

    i like queer. i understand that a lot don’t, but i like it. it’s a sociopolitical statement of identity, not a statement of orientation.

    that said, unless we wanna call something the mouthful that is now LGBTQI we need to simma just a wee bit.

    we aint gonna find some word that everyone is down with. so let’s simmmma.

  • Chris

    This is such a non issue, why does Queerty keep trying to create controversy where there is none ?There are enough unfriendly publications upon which you can focus your ire.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    Jesus Christ, don’t tell me we’re going to be like the colored / black / african-american community and demand we be called by a different name every 30 or so years. How juvenile. We can try to hold the public hostage to whatever the current generation deems to be proper or even trendy, but don’t be surprised if it backfires on us.

  • christopher di spirito

    People still read the Huffington Post?

    After Queen Arianna sold it to AOL and pocketed a cool $100 million, she even admitted her former online website isn’t liberal. I’ve read the traffic there is down by 35% these days.

  • the crustybastard

    I think “Huffington Post’s LGBTQQIAOMFGBBQLULZ Voices” is catchier.

  • Drake

    @Little Kiwi: “Queer” is what gay bashers would yell in y our ears as your head got smashed on the sidewalk. Forget that word.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Some people here are actually stupid enough to think QUEER is a positive word.Some people just do not have the capacity of rational much less logical thought.

  • Little Kiwi

    @Drake, I hear that from you. I understand why some people reject the word. I do not have a problem with it. I’m a gay man, and a self-identifying Queer. I wont’ identify you as one, but that’s an Identity I’m actually proud to embrace in myself.

    It doesn’t matter what word someone tries to use “against” me – you can’t *insult* be by calling me Queer when I proudly Identify as Queer myself.

    Like I said, I understand that there those who have a negative response to the word. I’m simply not one of them.

  • Sans Bitch

    Isn’t / Wasn’t the AOL vertical for Blacks called “Black Voices”? Maybe Huffington Posts intends to call all “such verticals” Voices, as in Black Voices, Hispanic Voices, Gay Voices, etc.

    Hopefully, with Huffington Post entering “The White Bread Gay Market”, there will be so many bitches going after the same handful of Corporate Advertisers that none of them will be able to make enough money to justify their existence. Imagine what a wonderful world it would be without that “Gay Bashings du jour blog” Towleroad.

  • Sans Bitch

    Huffington Post has “Latin Voices”. So, coupled with Black Voices and Gay Voices, there is definitely a trend here.

  • Mav

    I like the term queer better than gay because I feel like it addresses everyone – gays, lesbians, bisexuals, genderqueers, transsexuals, transgenders, and everyone else destined by birth to piss off conservatives and bigots. But yeah, even in BFE, Alabama, people still know that gay = LGBT, not just gay guys.

    I mean, really, would we prefer “Homosexual Voices”? Erm, no.

  • EOJinDC

    @Politically Incorrect Thug: Pick up a history book or maybe meet and get to know some Black people. “Colored” was a moniker assigned to Black people. It wasn’t one of choice, and if you knew any Black people, you’d know that the overwhelming majority of us use “Black” and “African American” interchangeably and have been doing so for years. Similarly, some LGBTQ people prefer “queer.” Others prefer “gay.” Who cares? It takes all of 5 seconds to learn how an individual human being wants you to refer to them. Then, you do it, and move on with getting to know them as a spectacular, dynamic unique person. It’s intellectually lazy and antiquated to try to force everyone to fit into one box so that you can comfortably lump them all together for your convenience. Our differences are what make us beautiful and interesting. I’ve learned more about life and the world from people who don’t look like me, who have different–but informed–opinions, and who make me think about different perspectives. “Juvenile”? I don’t think so. Evolving? Absolutely!

  • Little Kiwi

    to Mav’s point – one can even be heterosexual and Queer.

    Queer is not an orientation – it’s a sociopolitical statement of identity. those of us who embrace it find it empowering. we’re not forcing anyone else to use it to identify themselves.

  • verybookish

    @Mav: I agree with this. I understand that it has negative connotations for some people, but I still like the term queer as an inclusive way of speaking about people.

  • Politically Incorrect Thug

    @EOJinDC: I like your attitude of individualism, but in all due respect, I disagree. While nothing or no one is representative of an entire culture, I’ve seen anger and infighting among virtually all minority groups regarding which moniker they prefer. I just can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear that now the consensus is that “gay” isn’t good enough, “queer” is bad, “LGBT” is complicated, etc etc. I mean, really? We’re going to begin the infighting over something this petty? Surely there are bigger fish to fry.

    @Michael: Heya, Michael. Yeah, I never did understand the universal embrace of the word “queer.” It always struck me as a desperate attempt by the gay community to replicate the popular use of the word “nigger” in music by the black community—an attempt that, by and large, has failed. I personally never felt comfortable with it. Like the word “faggot,” it sounds just plain mean.

  • Michael

    @Politically Incorrect Thug:

    Exactly some here sadly think their intellectual opinions should be given merit about EVERYTHING.Comes with the territory though when your parents failed to raise you with humility class the ability to discern what is the right and wrong way to treat someone like and a lack of dignity self respect for oneself and others as well as a lack of refinement.

    They think that by using the word it loses its power against us when realistically speaking it just makes the bigots think that its even more acceptable then they already do.

    Ive always found that phrase stupid about using these vile words because there is no possible justification excuse or logical reasoning that could EVER make these words used AGAINST us positive to begin with. The truth of the matter is using these vile words these bigots use against us does NOT take the power away from the words… it only gives the bigots extra incentive to use the terms even more. I mean if we use it against ourselves ( as if thats an intellectual way to take the word remove its power therefore it is harmless) then that idiotic foolish way of thinking just gives them even more reason to believe that it is acceptable to use AGAINST us. Some people are just too naive in this community only making things worse then better even though they think they are.

    Nice to hear from you once again PIT. Hope your days well.

  • Little Kiwi

    I understand that many gay people want to be perceived as “normal” – I’m not one of them. Many of us aren’t. Equality shouldn’t just be for those who “blend into the norm” – it’s also for those who don’t.

    being gay is natural, but it is not (nor will it ever be) “The Norm” – same with being left-handed.

    Queer is a sociopolitical statement of identity. Outside the norm, outside the mainstream and yet that doesn’t mean it’s any less deserving of Equality, respect and fairness.

    It speaks volumes that most of the self-identifying Queer people that I know are more comfortable with not only their sexual orientation but their identities as well. No apologists. Nobody trying to appease or appeal to a bigoted majority.

    Proud Queer Dude :-)

  • declanto

    @Little Kiwi: I’m so glad you like the term “queer”. I am assuming you’re young, not really aware of the history of homosexual repression and persecution in the more remote times (50’s, 60’s) and geographic locales (exurban smallville America). Personally I still physically cringe when I hear this term. Intellectually we may chat about “owning” it, making it ours, but physically there are still many of us out here who are Pavlovian-conditioned to shudder and curl into a fetal protective posture. It’s a pejorative no matter what semantic game-rules you may attempt. So go ahead, be proud of being queer if you like but don’t expect me to wave the pom-poms. I’m satisfied to be gay.

  • Ian

    This is a non-issue. Nothing wrong with “Gay Voices” on a HuffPo section.

  • declanto

    @Little Kiwi: OK, proud queer dude, you’re just clueless to history if you can do this semantic two-step and justify using a term that’s inherently derogatory. No matter how you may squirm to fit your fantastic imagination to the facts of historical persecution and repression it’s still pejorative to use the term “queer” when referring to another human being. “yet that doesn’t mean it’s any less deserving of Equality, respect and fairness.” is pure bullshite.

  • Little Kiwi

    Perhaps it stems from Coming Out in my teens in the late-90s. I was so fortunate to be able to able to interact with many different Queer-identifying people. Not just other gay men, but lesbians, transpeople, bisexuals, and gender-nonconformists in each “demographic” pool. Queer was empowering – yes, we’re different. Yes, we *look* different to people – and that’s ok. It doesn’t meant we’re any less deserving of Equal treatment.
    You find pride in what you are, and who you are, and how you are about it. No need to “pass for straight”, no need to censor or edit or aspire to some cultural concept of “normalcy” – it’s ok to not be “the norm.”

    When you’re a young closeted person even being called “gay” is an insult to you – because you don’t *want* to be gay, or seen as gay, or have it used against you. When you Come Out, “gay” isn’t an insult. It’d be like trying to insult me by calling me Canadian. With self-identifying Queer people it’s the same thing. Queer aint no insult to me. It’s something I embrace, and have embraced since I was a teenager.

  • JayKay

    Gay works fine.

    Queer makes us all sound like a pack of sick, abnormal freaks. It ain’t helping anyone to go around proclaiming ourselves different, unwell, or outside the norm. NOM and the Catholic church do enough of that without our help. It’s an obnoxious term, and so are the people who insist on forcing it on those who want nothing to do with it.

  • Michael


    Exactly queer is not a compliment no matter how some here may try to justify it as such.I identify as gay and most of all a human being always have always will.The younger generation of the LGBT community are just too naive and blind by their own ignorance on this subject.Using these words are nothing but insulting uncalled for and vulgar how anyone can justify in this community using the words faggot to describe someone who is gay or queer as a form of compliment boggles the mind.

    It reminds me of african americans describing each other as the n word .Ignorance is bliss as they say.

  • Little Kiwi

    declanto, at no point did i ever say i “expect” anything from you or others who dislike this term. i’m not using it to describe you. i don’t expect you to wave pom-poms. i’m not talking about you.

    the term is not inherently derogatory.

    i identify as gay. i like being gay. i also identify as queer. i like being queer. queer does not mean the same thing as “gay” – i identify as Queer as I do identify as one (of many) who is “deviating from the expected; unconventional.”

    You dont’ have to. Im not using the word to describe you. Not all LGBT people identify as Queer, and I’d never label one as such if they take issue with the word. I’m self-identifying. And I feel empowered by it.

    i’m not referring to “another human being” – I’m self-identifying. You can re-read that a few times until it sinks in.

    And my point remains valid – being Queer doesnt’ mean one is inherently less-deserving of equal treatment, respect or fairness. Equality is not just for those who blend into, or subscribe to, societal concepts of “the norm.”

    I’m very well aware of LGBT history – that’s why I embrace this identity for myself. You’re free to continue not liking it.

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    Your way of thinking just gives the bigots more ammunition to use against us.

    If they see its something we embrace then they will use these terms even MORE to label us and use against us.

    So you be proud of proclaiming the term QUEER is a positive when you only make others look bad by doing so .

    Queer is an insult there has never been anything positive about that word.You must come from another planet for real . Even my parents taught me that was a derogatory insulting word.They have always identified me as being gay not queer nothing else but gay.


    1. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a homosexual person. Does not matter how you try to distort the word into something positive or sugarcoat it.Thats not how the real world works.

  • Little Kiwi

    at no point have i ever said “queer is a compliment”

    Queer is a sociopolitical statement of Identity for those of us who choose to self-identify as Queer.

    We’re not calling anyone else “Queer” – we’re not labeling any of YOU as Queer, we’re self-identifying.

    Not all gay people are Queer. Some straight people do indeed identify as Queer.

    My self-identifying as Queer makes nobody look like anything – it’s self-identifying. Despite being gay, I also don’t exactly fit many cultural norms or perceptions of what is “mainstream”

    One cannot hurt me with the word Queer any more than they can hurt me with the words “gay”, “Liberal”, “Canadian/Brit”, “democratic socialist”, “Canuck” or “pocket gay” – these are all things I’m rather proud of, thankyouverymuch.

    you are all free to not use the word. those of us who self-identify as Queer are free to self-identify using it. I suppose you, in turn, are free to continue to get your panties in a bunch about it. Seems a real waste of emotion, however.

  • declanto

    @Little Kiwi: I’ve been “Out” longer than you’ve been alive. Can you imagine how vapid you sound when you go through all that trash about Queer-Identifying non-conformist demographic pooling nonsense? Looking different doesn’t mean you have to be seen as a freak of some kind. I can be gay and still have dignity, individuality, without “trying to pass”. You’re using the rhetoric of the civil rights movement yet you shy around the one comparison that most closely equates here in the terminology debate: the term “nigger” equates with “queer”. How many black/African Americans do you know who want to identify with such a loaded term?
    Thanks JayKay, we’re on the same wavelength.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m not identifying anyone as Queer other than myself.

    That you do not find empowerment in identifying as such does not change that it is indeed something I find empowering.

    I see nothing negative nor harmful nor weak about embracing an identity that exists outside of the cultural norm. I’m not asking anyone else to self-identify as Queer.

  • Little Kiwi

    notice the name of this website. QUEERty.

    Declanto, I found my courage and pride in my Identity and self from self-Identifying Queer people who indeed have been Out for decades longer than me.
    Queer does not mean “freak” – if that’s what it means to you, then you’re absolutely free to not use it. Queer does not mean that to me, nor to the rest of us who self-Identify as Queer.
    Yes, you (and me) can be gay and still have dignity. I can also have dignity while self-Identifying as Gay. It’s ok if you don’t understand that – I’m not asking you to do anything, nor am I asking you to identify yourself as Queer.
    As a white person, I don’t use the N-word. It’s not my word to use, nor do I have any vested interest in using it. I know many black people who choose to reclaim that word amongst themselves. I have no businesses telling them what word they can or cannot use. I self-identify as Queer. I don’t identify any of you as Queer.
    i have at no point said “queer is a compliment” – only ever that I (and a great many others) do indeed self-identify as queer.
    not all gay people are queer. indeed many straight people identify as Queer.
    You’re free to not use it. I don’t use it to describe anyone other than myself.
    I’m a gay man. a proud queer. a liberal. a democratic socialist. a canadian. a brit. a canuck. a pocket-gay.
    all things im rather happy about.

  • Kev C

    I just visited Gay Voices. Yeah, that won’t happen again.

  • doug

    I’m more offended that they call it “Voices”. Why not “Gay News”? Every other sub section is called “News” “Religion News”, “Divorce News”, “Women News”. “Voices” sounds like an 80’s gay bar named after a Truman Capote novel.

    Not to mention that “Gay Voices” is no where to be found on the HuffPo Menu nor in any subset menu.

  • Shannon1981

    I refer to myself as queer all the time. I really don’t know what the issue is with that word…

    And, while ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’ are used interchangeably for me…I also am more comfortably with gay, because of my genderqueer gender identity, among other reasons. I am not down with exclusion, and that is just what this does. If you are someone who doesn’t identify with ‘gay,’ then you are being left out here.

    I do think their reasons on reasonable, but I wholeheartedly disagree with them. Stop being so damn careful, Huffpo. Color me disappointed.

  • Little Kiwi

    Love ya, Shannon.

    I’m a proud gay man and a proud Queer who stands in solidarity with his brothers and sisters who exist outside of the expected cultural norm.

  • Shannon1981

    And as a side note, if you take issue with the word “queer,” why do you frequent a site called…well… wait for it…. QUEERTY!

  • Michael

    @Little Kiwi:

    LOL you are such a hypocrite.People like you do not stand in solidarity with ANYONE unless they are exactly like YOU period.Otherwise you’re acting like a pompous prick telling people what they should and should not think all the time and treating people as if they are beneath you mocking them calling them inferior stupid unstable OBSESSIVE etc….You stand with yourself no one else but yourself dude.

    Solidarity most hilarious and hypocritical thing out of you yet.

  • Michael


    This is a site relating to gay oriented material news etc… It has nothing to do with the name of this site it is the word itself that is the problem.

    But I am glad you identify yourself as queer give you a cookie. The point is though not all of us feel that way.Ive never identified myself as QUEER I know its a derogatory term regardless of how people continue to sugarcoat the word.Solely my opinion but seriously some of us do not perceive nor see the word the same way as you and that other person do.

  • Shannon1981

    @Michael: Not to get into whatever you guys have going on here…but I know my buddy Kiwi here, and he is a great activist and very appreciative of all people. But, he calls it like he sees it. Do I always agree? No. Not at all. But this issue is something we wholeheartedly agree on. Perhaps its the closeness in age; many issues such as this one do have generational sensitivities.
    That is understandable. But he has said time and time again that it is his queer identity he is proud of. He is speaking for no one else.

  • Little Kiwi

    exactly, Shannon. it makes no sense that someone objects to my send of pride in my identity as a Queer person.

    I’m not asking anyone else to Identify as Queer.

  • Little Kiwi

    exactly, Shannon. it makes no sense that someone objects to my sense of pride in my identity as a Queer person.

    I’m not asking anyone else to Identify as Queer.

  • Shannon1981

    @Little Kiwi: I get that if someone grew up gay in the 50’s versus gay in the 90’s like we did, there are gonna be things that touched them that we have no concept of. Kind of like I don’t know what it’s like to have to give my seat to a white person on a bus, never have, never will.

    However, these differences do not give them the right to dictate how we view ourselves. What about shows like Queer as Folk? Or websites like this one? Do you rail them for their titles of “queer?” No. And those are entities that are a whole lot more representative of this community to the world at large than a couple of folks on a message board. So if you take no issue with those, why do you take issue with us? Really, on a logical level, makes no sense at all.

  • Michael


    Your buddy mocks people puts down people and bullies people.Not gonna judge your choice of friends but id never be that desperate.Thats just me though.

    Your wonderful buddy also mocked my dead father who I lost back in July and claimed my father was not proud of me or as he condescendingly put it : your father must be so proud .

    He also gets off on telling people to kill themselves (hang themselves). So pardon me if I do not see an elitist who snubs his nose at people laughs at them mocks them including someones virginity mine to be exact belittles them demeans their value as a human being as a GREAT ACTIVIST.An activist is inclusive they do not devalue demean or deride other people regardless of their opinions so no that is not an activist.An activist is for everyone not just a chosen few and thats exactly how your friend continuously acts here.Sorry I also call them like I see them so he and I have that in common with one another.God help me on that one but its still true.

    Your friend also loves to use some of the most polite HUMBLE terms possible such as : inferior pathetic obsessive and my personal favorite intellectually dishonest.

    Guess this great activists parents failed him when it came to teaching him etiquette manners much less the proper way to treat people with respect.I find it funny your friend posts on videos about bullying also when uh hello he IS ONE HIMSELF lol This is personal experience about your wonderful pal my dear thankfully some others here see him for what he truly is.The rest are just naive and blind.

  • No One

    If this were a non-issue, why don’t they just call it Transsexual Voices and gay people can deal?

  • Tyler

    I agree with kiwi. Maybe it is a generational thing, but as a 23 yo gay man, I opt for the term “queer.” I find it empowering and more inclusive (not to mention less robotic than a bunch of letters). I take no offense to it. My university actually changed from having an LGBTQ Minor/courses to titling it “Queer Studies” following a campaign by students for a more inclusive name. I think that is just the direction the us younger Queers are heading. Obviously I understand where some might take issues with the term “queer,” but there are issues with every term. I personally hate LGBTQ because I think it marginalizes the community by turning us into letters and not acknowledging who/what we are. Some take issue with gay. Some do not identify as any. At the end of the day, use the term you want, and if you take issue or offense with the term used by this or some other website uses, then don’t read it and give them your business (aka website views that make them money).

  • Michael


    Of course you agree with Kiwi god forbid anyone disagree with that whatever he is.

    At the end of the day, use the term you want, and if you take issue or offense with the term used by this or some other website uses, then don’t read it and give them your business (aka website views that make them money)

    You’re basically telling people to leave if they have an issue with terms like Queer.

    Well gee since you said it I guess we are supposed to do it now? lmao

    Kindly do not tell people what they should or should not do none of us are children and we are all quite capable of making appropriate decisions.MOST of our parents raised us with those values .Thanks a bunch though.

  • Tyler


    Thank you for the intelligent conversation. I never would have thought of any of those interesting insights or perspectives without this great dialogue.

  • Michael


    LOL no wonder you agree with Kiwi hell you’re just like him arrogant condescending and patronizing.I suggest you go be best friends with him he could use another kissass god knows he has enough of those . :)

    Sorry this commoner does not entertain your intellectual curiosities not my fault Im beneath you.I am thankful for that though I dont look down on people people like you however… well gee what a shocker DO! :)

  • Tyler


    Lets not forget we are all fighting the same fight for equality. From a Queer to a Gay, I come in Peace and respect your views and think you have valid reasons having them.

  • Michael


    Thats the problem though people like Kiwi claim to be against bullying yet they do it all the time.They claim to not be arrogant yet continuously prove they are indeed especially when he calls people inferior pathetic and stupid.

    Sorry but I became disillusioned disheartened and my perspective on most people in this community has been skewed for years.Its people like Kiwi that are the reason why that is my opinion sorry but it is.

    If people expect equality and respect in this community then they must first start treating EACH OTHER that exact same way with equality respect and understanding.

    I am able to put aside my differences but not at the expense of my personal life nor the death of my father which the person you are agreeing with mocked both those things.

    He is just another one of those preppy snobs who look down on people and their opinions.The only people people like him ever respect… are those that agree with them or kiss up to them.Once again sorry but that is MY opinion.I dont ever feel that my opinion is more valid or important then anyone elses is he does however.

    As I said previously this community is extremely hypocritical they mock pick on bully harass and hate on people from their own community then have the utter gall and audacity to complain about how the BIGOTS treat them. We need a mirror so people can see that they are no better then the bigots and quite frankly the behavior and actions here by many are continuous proof of that hypocrisy.We will never reach equality we never be treated equally until we start treating EACH OTHER that way.Otherwise its a lost cause .

    I respect your opinion and my apologies for before.As I said I don’t have a positive opinion about most people in the LGBT community.They do the community a disservice make those of us who want to achieve equality in this world look very bad just by being from the same community.

    This is exactly what the bigots want people just like them but only in a different way in this community to be against the same community they claim they stand for or represent.

    They want us to be at each others throats… looks like they are achieving that goal from many here.I however do take responsibility for my actions others though are never willing to do that.

  • milhouse

    So this is the latest demand from the trans crowd. We can’t say gay anymore. I am beyond sick and tired of these people dictating what I can and cannot say or do. Not only do they siphon off scarce funds from gay rights organizations for their special needs, they are now trying to control and destroy the gay identity itself.

  • DB

    There is no reason EVER to use the term ‘LGBT’ or to try to lump transgender people in with gay people. The term ‘LGBT’ is offensive, disgusting, vague, inaccurate, disconsonant, homophobic, grammatically incorrect, redundant, and incoherent. Please always just use the term gay. Sexual orientation and gender identity are completely separate demographic characteristics – if we are going into throw in multiple groups why not add Jewish, left-handed, black, etc. to the alphabet soup. The single biggest lie of homophobes is that gay women are somehow not real women and gay men are somehow less masculine than heterosexual men. We as a gay community, both men and women, need to stand up and say we will not accept the term ‘GLBT’ and we will not accept gender identity be lumped in with sexual orientation. I praise Huffingtonpost for this and I will read there site and view its ads as long as they never use the term ‘LGBT’.

  • Blibber

    As long as they cover bi and trans issues, who cares what it’s called? There’s plenty of sites that pay lip service to the whole rainbow but only cover issues that affect gays and lesbians.

  • declanto

    Regrettably, I could care less than a rodent’s hindquarters what a Kiwi cares to call him/her/itself. That’s such a personal choice. What I do care about is how “THEY” (read Huffpo) refer to “US” (read the alphabetsalad, gay, queer assortment of how we currently identify). The post is about how Huffpo is referring to us, not just you, not just her, but US. IMHO Queer is a derogatory, infamously loaded term. Personally, I fought to be “gay”, and fought against being “queer”. How fortunate we all are that we now have such a wide choice of terminology to sort through and find “le mot juste” to describe our very own identifier! Enjoy your queer life, dear Kiwi, Tyler,

  • jason

    I hate the word “lesbian”. It has been appropriated by the porn crowd consisting of sleazy straight guys and their female enablers, usually prostitutes. These people don’t give a fuck about same-sex rights.

    Also, why should a gender-specific term like “lesbian” be included? The word “gay” is sufficient for it is gender-neutral and applies to everybody.

  • declanto

    @jason: We know, you hate any and all terminology that refers to the female gender.

  • Little Kiwi

    “Personally, I fought to be “gay”, and fought against being “queer”. How fortunate we all are that we now have such a wide choice of terminology to sort through and find “le mot juste” to describe our very own identifier! Enjoy your queer life, dear Kiwi, Tyler,”

    What’s interesting is that you don’t see the progress that’s been made – I’m proud to be gay and i’m PROUD to be Queer. I see no shame in being outside of the mainstream, I see no weakness in embracing that who and what I am is indeed left-of-the-norm. You fought against being “Queer” – I embrace my differences. Like I said, and many ignored, I’m not calling anyone else Queer. We SELF-identify. I don’t in any way feel that being Queer is a negative, it’s empowering to find strength in your differences, and not have to work to convince people (whose opinions i don’t care about) that i’m somehow “normal”. There have indeed been many fighting for the “right” to be Queer, not just gay, for decades. Fighting for the freedom to be different and yet not punished for it.

    I’m not the norm, and that’s OK. So far, my Queer life has rocked. I’ve been Out since my teens in the 90s. Living in NYC – there is an absolutely thriving Queer scene. Not just the many gay scenes, but legit Queer scenes. LGBT people who actually choose to interact and socialize together. it’s rather beautiful :-)

  • declanto

    @Little Kiwi: “What’s interesting is that you don’t see the progress that’s been made – I’m proud to be gay and i’m PROUD to be Queer. I see no shame in being outside of the mainstream, I see no weakness in embracing that who and what I am is indeed left-of-the-norm”. You persist in trying to make me look like some sort of antiquated feeb. You say I don’t see the progress? Twit, I’ve MADE that progress. You still equate my rejection of the oppressor’s epithet “QUEER” with some sort of grovelling attempt to “pass for normal” Bullshit. Embracing your difference is fine, does that mean I’m a snivelling coward for NOT accepting the abusive terminology of the vile haters? Your own empowerment is NOT superior to my own. Your fortunate circumstances in no way make you superior to me. I hate you for talking down to me you are an arrogant presumptuous self-righteous little fuckweasel. Calling you names does not empower me, but it makes me feel good. Like I said, have a nice QUEER life.

  • Michael


    Yet another intelligent person who sees through peoples bullshit.Love it.

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