Why Did The Log Cabin Republicans Endorse A Straight Guy Over San Diego’s Two Gay Mayoral Candidates?

San Diego has two openly gay Republican candidates to choose in the upcoming mayoral election. So why did the gay Log Cabin Republicans, choose the third heterosexual candidate?

The guy running against openly gay city councilmember Carl DeMaio and lesbian district attorney Bonnie Dumanis is hetero assemblymember Nathan Fletcher—a breeder.

According to LCR president Victoria Kerley, Fletcher publicly called for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and has supported pro-LGBT legislation such as the anti-bullying bill known as Seth’s Law and an adoption reform that helps LGBTs start their families with greater legal protections. He also supports a legal right to same-sex marriage.

The LCRs also give Fletcher bonus points for his support of small business growth and opposition against “outrageous” state spending—two things that Republicans go all soft and starry-eyed for. And as huge budget shortfalls threaten to shut down San Diego’s basic utilities, LGBT issues won’t likely play big into the city elections.

So perhaps choosing a gay candidate is besides the point—the LCRs have simply chosen who they think will serve as the best person for the job, even though he prefers chicks over pricks.

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