Why Did The Muppets Cut Lady Gaga’s Vogue Battle And Katy Perry’s Rodent Make Out Scenes?

Everyone and your mom saw The Muppets movie this weekend. But you know what they didn’t see? Lady Gaga‘s dance battle against Miss Piggy and Katy Perry making out with a bunch of muppet squirrels. Too hot for child audiences?

Moviehole has the skinny on the two rumored scenes and we’ve added our thoughts on why they might have been cut:

Stefani Germanotta’s big moment from the film was cut. With her entourage, including Ed Helms, Eric Stonestreet (who I’m told may have been replaced just before shooting) and John Krasinski, Gaga would have gone head-to-head with Miss Piggy in a sequence. Rumour has it Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ was somehow involved (which makes sense considering Piggy is the editor of Paris Vogue magazine in the film).  Guessing Gaga, who judging from the smooch she shared with Kermit at the 2009 Video Music Awards is a big ‘Muppets’ fan, is crushed she got the scissors treatment.

Maybe the editors were afraid that Lady Gaga might have had an accidental a lip slip during her dance off? Either that or parents didn’t want their kids asking what a “disco stick” is.

And Ms. Perry’s?

Another musical babe omission.  Sounding not unlike the Lady Gaga sequence, Perry would’ve appeared opposite Miss Piggy in a  musical sequence. “At one point we had squirrels singing, ‘I Kissed a Squirrel,’ or it was Miss Piggy singing ‘I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It.’”, writer Nick Stoller told MTV. “More and more squirrels are lining up to kiss her, and she’s getting weirded out”.

Mmm… nothing makes for family Thanksgiving viewing like a pop star making out with tree rodents. Or maybe the sad truth is that viewers are just tired of all this Miss Piggy over-exposure. Maybe the porcine paramour’s fifteen minutes have finally run out.