Why Didn’t Cleve Jones Return Harvey Milks’ Bullhorn to Elementary School?

Because someone had left the batteries in it.

After swiping the the bullhorn from the K-5 school Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy for use in the film Milk, Cleve Jones says he decided to return it to his Palm Springs home — where it’s been the center of an on-going battle over whether Jones will make it available for California’s first Harvey Milk Day celebration — instead of giving it back to the kids because someone at the academy never took out the “potentially corrosive” batteries.

“I was troubled by that,” says Jones. O-kay.

While still not guaranteeing he’ll give up the bullhorn for May 22’s events, Jones “said he might have come to a kind of compromise in an agreement to lend the bullhorn to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender Historical Society in the Castro for a coming exhibition,” reports the NYT. “‘The kids can come see it for free,’ he said. ‘And it’s right down the block.'” Behind a glass case. Where it belongs?