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Why Didn’t Katy Perry Sing ‘Ur So Gay’ To Ellen DeGeneres?

Well endowed obnoxious celebrity Katy Perry is taking new husband Russell Brand’s last name, she tells Ellen on her show today. Which is going to completely upturn our campaign to be the No. 1 search result for “Katy Perry I’m A Joke.” If you’re gonna have this woman on your show, Ms. DeGeneres, the least you could do is ask why she has an pro-bullying anthem.

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  • Kaderade

    So the rule is it’s totally ok for queerty to bully the shit out of anyone that you all decide is unworthy, then? Cuz that’s all I’m seeing with alot of posts these days. It’s definitely turning my attention to other blogs and away from here. I realize you guys have jumped aboard the “we hate katy” train but wouldn’t it make more sense to just not post anything about her ever than to BULLY and bash her with every post that has her photo attached. I’m not her hugest fan but I definitely am tired of this crap. Shame on you queerty. I don’t imagine the way to change hearts and minds is by being snarky bitches.

  • Mr. Neo

    Of course it is. If they left their names when the posted bullying articles here maybe they’d have to show a little more spine.

  • Max

    So tired of how queerty targets specific show biz folks like this for something so trite. Move on queerty and those with issues on the “gay song topic” – bigger gay issues and ‘enemies’ to worry on fellas. I am not a Katy P fan, but the same old stupid posts on the same enterntainers is just tiresome. Many queerty readers have moved on to other blogs bacause of the same old attack posts on the same people. We can all name them it’s so overdone.

  • Steve

    How long ago was “Ur So Gay?” 2007? Seriously? Are we sure its homophobic? Let me tell you, satire is something that is hard to detect within music. But considering her buying into female bisexuality in “I Kissed a Girl” and the anthemic “Firework” which features a gay couple, I think its safe to say that, as far as “Ur So Gay” goes, Katy is being completely sincere in her insincerity.

    But, if it is homophobic, why are we only holding Perry accountable? Shouldn’t we hate Greg Wells, the guy who produced the track and made it even worthy of releasing to the public? How about those SOBs at Capitol Records who published the song for the world to hear?

    This anti-Perry tirade is completely childish. I really hope this site doesn’t think that bashing alleged “gay-bashers” is sophisticated. Because it isn’t.

  • Mark

    Do you honestly think that “ur so gay” is a satire?

    All Katy Perry she cares about is what’s “in” and whatever popular cliche she can use in a song to get attention. “I kissed a girl” has nothing to do with bisexuality and “firework” only features a gay couple because of the popularity of the “it gets better project”.

    I don’t think people need we need to waste our time talking about Katy Perry, but do not give her any credit and try and make her songs seem like they’re actually deeper than they are. They’re exactly what they seem to be on the surface.

    “ur so gay” is insulting a straight guy by calling him gay. That’s what young people do so she made a fun song about it.

  • Steve

    @Mark: Of course that what it means, seeing as the line “You’re so gay” (implying that the ‘you” likes the same-sex) is followed up by “No you don’t even like boys” which suggests that she is talking to a girl. While she may be insulting the “you” of the song, at least she isn’t using “gay” to mean stupid, seeing as how the hook of the song basically explains what gay is.

  • ugh


  • Tom

    @Steve: Um no Steve. I don’t think she is talking to a girl in that song. Going by the music video, which uses Ken dolls and Barbies to stage the singer’s sad love life with a guy who would rather hang out with his guy friends and shop; who cares about his apperence more then her; who acts gay but doesn’t like boys. It’s an annoying message, as my life is nothing like the stereotype she proclaims in the song, but it’s a very minor put down.

  • Chris

    Thank you, Queerty, for recognizing this leech for what she is. I could only wish that her sons are satire, but I see no evidence for that. “I Kissed a Girl” is a song about being a fake bi attention whore, by a fake bi attention whore. The “Ur So Gay” song lists one hundred stereotypes about gays and the makes fun of her boyfriend that fits them but doesn’t like the cock. “Firewok” randomly shoehorns some gays in the music video , and who knows what the song is about. Ah, ah, ah?

  • jason

    While I agree with some of the negative comments about Katy Perry, it’s fair to say that she’s also helped our cause by showing two men kissing romantically in her video for Firework. She could have said “no, I don’t want it” but she didn’t. I will give her credit on this.

    I mean, name me one other female singer who has put romantic male-male kissing her music videos. Beyonce? Nope. Rihanna? No way. Madonna? Double nope.

    The only other female singers who did it were Christina Aguilera in her Beautiful video and, more recently, Lady Gaga in her Alejandro video and Pink in her Raise Your Glass video.

    It’s interesting that no male singer has ever put it in his videos. It seems that, if male-male intimacy is shown in an artist’s video, the artist cannot be male. Fascinating double standard, isn’t it?

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