Why Didn’t Local Police Stop This Church’s Rainbow Flag From Being Stolen Six Times?

The Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad-Cities of Davenport, Iowa has had its Christian pride flag stolen and its flagpole damaged six times now, so where have the copsbeen all this while?

Apparently police haven’t investigated yet because the church’s openly gay pastor Reverend Rich Hendricks never filed a report. He saw the past vandalism as “a nuisance” but now the seriously damaged flag pole and repeatedly pilfered flags have finally moved him to file a report. Professional flagpole installation costs money and the custom-made Christian pride flag costs $65. Maybe it’s time to install some fabulous security cameras around the premises too, eh Reverend?

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  • Lonnie

    Historically, cops and queers have always been on opposite sides. When too many queers started complaining and/or fighting back, the cops did the next best thing: they started hiring queers to bash queers.

    This is why queers should oppose police brutality and side with others who oppose police brutality, including people of color and immigrants. In addition to opposing pigs, something magical happens: you win people of color and immigrants to support queer rights.

  • cybernoelie

    What if they hate Christianity and not homosexuality ?

  • Shannon1981

    minorities and queers should stick together Lonnie. Never fails- cops oppose those groups, period. Nite Queerty. Great to have you back, great to be back posting on relevant gay news. Bring on the snark! I’m waiting.

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