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Why Do All Mr. Gay UK Title Winners End Up Accused Cannibal Rapists?

And by “all” I mean the winners from 1993 and 2006. 1993 Mr. Gay UK winner Anthony Morely chopped up and cooked his lover and now Mark Carter, the crown holder from 2006, has been charged with male rape, indecent assault, and the use of bodybuilding drugs. Mr. Gay UK is a basically beauty contest, so it’s not like they’re looking for respectable gay ambassadors — if you look good in undies and have a nice smile, that’ll do. But attacking other gay men should probably be a disqualifier. I did notice one thing: The 1993 winner is curiously absent from their site. Hmmm.

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  • M

    These two were the best the UK could come up with? ewww. The men in the UK must be fugly.

  • robert

    Being charged is as good as being convicted in Queerty logic.

  • Robert in NYC

    M….so you judge an entire race of people based on your perception of two men who you claim are ugly, others might not? What if the two men were American, I supposed you’d come to the same conclusion, that all American men are ugly? How superficial can you really be?

  • Cam


    Queerty used the words Accused in the headline and said that he had been “Charged” in the body of the story. Whats the problem?

  • Phil

    Robert you are an idiot. They’re not being called ugly because these two are from the UK. They’re being called ugly because these two are the best the UK could come up with. (And race my ass. Citizens of the UK are ~NOT~ a race, so if you’re trying to rile up some racial turbulence go elsewhere. This is a regional thing.)

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 6, I beg to differ without resorting to childish name-calling. The last time I checked, the Anglo Saxons ARE a race of people! M’s comments indicated that if those were the only two men the UK could come up with, then the men in the UK must be “fugly”, which implies all British men. He could have rephrased his statement by saying that the UK could come up with better loooking men than that, but he didn’t, he chose to paint them all with the same brush. You haven’t grasped the nuances of English. Regional thing? NOT!

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