Why Do Mitt Romney And Tim Pawlenty Hate Monogamous, Heterosexual Marriage So Much?

Mitt Romney
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gage Skidmore

GOP Presidential candidates Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney recently refused to sign The FAMiLY LEADER’s 14-point “Marriage Vow” pledge asking presidential candidates to oppose porn, abortion, and anything other than church-sanctioned monogamous marriage. Romney’s spokesperson said that the oath “contained references and provisions that were undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign.” Ouch!

The pledge—signed by both Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum—also asked candidates to support slavery’s exemplary family model, until they deleted that line.

Yes, Romney still supports a constitutional ban against marriage equality, but at least he’s not as crazy as Bachmann and Santorum (though that’s like saying, “At least this tastes better than dog poo”).