Why Do So Many People Treat Gay Christians Like Crap?

This is the reality of what it means to be a queer person of faith. You get slammed from all sides.

…what is always ironic to me is how much anti-gay Christians and the rabid anti-faith folks have in common. The narrowness of world views, the inability to tolerate beliefs different than their own, the stereotyping of all members of a given group, the quickness with which both groups resort to name calling all point to a simple truth: they are all fundamentalists.

I’m sure the rabidly anti-faith folks don’t think that label applies to them, but it does. The reality is that most atheists do not typically berate people of faith, call them names, or dismiss them as brainless…. Who I am talking about are the LGBT people who engage in behavior that, if it were directed at any other group, would rightfully be identified as bigoted and bullying.”

– Reverend Emily C. Heath in her Bilerico post “The Limits of Tolerance: Anti-faith Voices in Our Community”, discussing how gay Christians get berated by both the religious right and the queer left.”

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