Why Do The English Riots Affect US Queers?

The people who are rioting and protesting in the United Kingdom about their dire financial situations, racial tensions, and the militaristic police state of the country are also representing the interests of many LGBT people. Homeless LGBT youth and anti-LGBT violence while police officers look away are not issues that are unique to the United States. The United Kingdom endures similar problems, and if the young rioters can convey their message that they can no longer stand for such unstable economic situations and a corrupt police force, the LGBT people – especially LGBT people of color – who are disproportionately struggling against those same issues will benefit.

Could a similar uprising in the United States happen? We’re facing many of the same issues – our financial instability, our power-hungry representatives, and our system that rewards wealth instead of representing the interests of the American people. After last month’s debt ceiling disaster, where huge amounts of time were spent on silly, gridlocked debate only to end up with a horrible plan that will hurt the poor while continuing to reward the rich, some of those enormous structural flaws in our system were put on an immensely visible platform. But the poor continue to be ignored.

They’re certainly not helped along any by our media, which hardly ever discusses the problems facing people in poverty or pressures the government to do something about it. Even when those issues to get airtime, they’re flattened by overpaid television anchors who repeat the “lazy homeless” rhetoric as fact.”

The Bilerico Project‘s Adam Polaski discussing “The U.K. Riots & Where the LGBT Community Fits In.” Yesterday we reported that the riots had spread to the gay district in Birmingham, though damage to LGBT businesses has been minimal, nor has the rioting affected this weekend’s Manchester Pride.

Image via Vice magazine