Why Does Craigery Morgan Always Have To One-Up Penelope?

Will this be SNL lip-syncher Craigery Morgan’s next hit? At first I thought it would be only a matter of time before he started acting out Kristen Wiig’s Target Lady skits, but his decision to stick with Penelope is, in my head, evidence he’s siding with the boycotters.

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    Why do you continue to promote this guy? He gots a bit of fame and suddenly attempts to erase all evidence of his admitting he is Gay. He does an interview with Advocate.com and says he “appeeciates” the Gay support, but refuses to say he is Gay. His M y Space and F ace book profiles where he proclaims he is Gay suddenly on his official site are called “fake”.

    I am all for supporting Gay people attempting to gain some success and Queerty tossing support towards them also. However there are like a zillion hot dudes on the interenets pursing the same avenue as this guy is. How about Queerts you adopt one that dosen’t install a revoving door on his closet?????

  • Lefty

    Oh. My. God.


    Why do you continue to promote this guy?? He now proclaims all the profiles where he states he is Gay are now “fake”. He does interviews where he “appreciates” the Gay support, but does not admit to being Gay. There are a zillion hot guys looking for fame. Great for you to adopt one, just pretty please pick one who hasn’t installed a revolving door on his closet once he gots a bit of fame…………….

  • scott ny'er

    Uh, oh. Coverage of this dude is treading on Davey Wavey territory. AND, if Craigery is denying the gay thing, then, yeah, why ARE you promoting him?

  • Lefty

    He’s beautiful?
    He’s topless?

    Need I do on???

  • matthew


  • Hilarious

    If he thought he had talent he’d put a shirt on and do something that requires talent.

    Even babies can mimic what they see on tv. So original.

  • Conor

    ummmm… hes soooo cute.

  • Tyrone

    He’s hot and if you used the internet at all you would see he has many other talents! He has a whole video of voice impressions and original character sketches.

  • Hilarious

    @Tyrone: He’s really not that “hot”. I live in LA there are models and actors all over the place. Gimme a break.

    His “impressions” and “original character sketches” are copying commercials and random skits from actual comedians and they’re all extremely feminine to the point that it looks like he’s mocking gay men.

    Stop drooling for five seconds and notice that he takes his shirt off for a reason. Honestly being a fanboy over this is pathetic.

    It really doesn’t even matter his views are already dwindling. Even Tay Zonday of Chocolate Rain fame maintained hundreds of thousands of views for a good year or more. I guess that’s because he’s actually talented though seeing as he actually writes original songs and plays the piano.

    Not sure what you think is talented about mimicing commercials and skits from real comedians while taking credit for it as something “original”. For instance his racist Lah’trell “skit” is just copying an Everest College commercial but purposely being offensive and making fun of black people.

  • TheInsider

    God, he is OBNOXIOUS! Is this all he does in college? Doesn’t he study?

  • scott ny'er

    @Hilarious: wow. That chocolate rain song is REALLY annoying. I never heard of it until now.

    On topic. You bring up good points about Craig. I just dig his body. He’s really annoying with those voices (I admit, I really don’t like SNL). And if he did put a shirt on how “talented” would he sound like?

    We’ll see what happens in a years time.

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