Why Does Every Cable News Chatfest About Rep. Eric Massa Have to Suck So Bad?

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Goodness. If there was anything worse than watching Glenn Beck fail to tease a nugget out of former Rep. Eric Massa, it was watching hack journalist Howard Kurtz, who was years ago rewarded with awful reportage punditry with his own CNN show, host a roundtable Sunday about the media’s involvement in the Massa mess.

Around the 6:00 mark, this group finally tackles the question Larry King asked Massa: “Are you gay?” — and the focus is on Massa’s lunch with a Barney Frank staffer. (This staffer, of course, must be a homosexual, because he works for Barney Frank.) As American University’s media and politics professor Jane Hall says, this is “trainwreck television.”

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  • QT

    Queerty closed comments on their post that invites you to the fundraiser they are sponsoring that honors Barney Frank for his courage. Anyone else wonder why? Maybe we might point to the many posts in which Queerty has shown Frank has not been courageous in regards to trans rgiths?

  • Jon

    @No. 1 · QT:

    I can’t step up for queerty, however, the post for that function has been generated (and bumped forward) for several days. It has never been open for comments. It’s an announcement.

    Your comment has nothing to do with the the topic of this post. Nor does mine.

    So feel free to tell me to STFU while I reciprocate & ask You not to hijack another thread.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @No. 1 QT

    Ditto!!! And I too have been waiting for some post that had anything to do with Barney Frank to make a similar comment.

    Queerty, very rightly, goes after Gay, Inc. and their half-assed sell-out lame-of-late work for promoting the LGBT community and causes. All of us going crazy with anger about how the LGBT has been royally fucked, and not in the good/fun way, by Gay, Inc. and our so-called political friends, well Barney Frank is the epitome of the problem. And yet Queerty is participating in honoring Frank? Honor for what? Still on the books: DOMA and DADT; still undone: marriage-equality, non-discrimination in workplace/housing, anti-harassment and bullying.

    Of course Queerty did not link a comment section; there would have been scores of complaints about, oh, our favorite topic: HYPOCRISY!

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