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Why Does Maggie Gallagher Still Not Understand What Makes Her a Hate Leader?


Anti-gay piñata Maggie Gallagher has had it with you pro-marriage equality jerks. You come to the table thinking everyone sees it your way, and unlike the lovely and pleasant Brian Brown, you refuse to engage in reasonable debate about the sanctity of marriage. You’re the haters!

The National Organization for Marriage president pens a rebuttal for anyone who’s got a problem with her message — a diatribe we support, because we love the First Amendment. We’d marry it if NOM helped make it legal.

But Gallagher enters this debate from a point in human history that will paint her as a bigot. As someone who erred. As a human being who spent her career and her life arguing that discrimination should be acceptable.

And that’s too bad for her.

“Either you are for gay marriage,” she writes, “or you are a bad person who should be repressed, humiliated, hurt, marginalized and excluded.”

Well, not all of those things (we don’t want you hurt, at least not physically), but otherwise, yes Maggie, you’re right: If you stand against affording Americans certain freedoms, rights, and privileges because of who they love, you should be marginalized. Because you preach hatred and exclusion, and that is not something this country was founded on. That is not something we, as Americans, should tolerate, let alone promote.

“Here’s the truth: You will now be called a hater and a bigot merely for standing for marriage as one woman and one man,” Gallagher continues. “What do we make of this sad truth? So far, the bullies pay no price for their meanness and their rage. […] I know that not every gay person agrees with the tactics of hate currently employed by this powerful steamroller of a political movement to suppress dissent, just as I know some gay people don’t support gay marriage. (Not many, but I’ve met ’em!) And I do know this: Bullies don’t stop as long as bullying works. Gay marriage advocates have to rein in their movement, or people in Maine and elsewhere are going to draw the natural conclusion: When the law endorses gay marriage advocates like Fred Karger and their ideas, it will have consequences.”

For far too many decades, Gallagher and her kin have been the bullies, while the LGBT community has stood by, taking a beating — though doing an increasingly better job demanding, and securing, our rights. The tables haven’t fully turned, but there’s motion, Ms. Gallagher. And you’re not going to like where this is headed.

In the meantime, Maggie, please continue exercising your right to free speech. Because the more nonsense you spew, the more opportunities rational Americans will have to see the bigotry behind those eyes.

Soon, we will live in a country where gay Americans are treated as equals. And you, fair lady, will be read about decades from now in children’s school textbooks not as the hero you fashion yourself, but as an enemy to this nation’s latest recent civil rights struggle.


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