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Why Does Maryland Rep. Emmett Burns Want to Ban Outside Marriages? Because Gay Is Not the New Black

It’d be a stretch to say Maryland’s Democratic State Rep Emmett Burns, of Baltimore, is the next coming of Sally Kern, but his bill to prevent Maryland from recognizing gay marriages from other jurisdictions is certainly giving him some mileage.

Especially now that he’s insisting his bill isn’t, like, discriminatory or anything.

Delegate Emmett Burns, D-Baltimore County, said Thursday that his bill barring recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages was “not discriminatory.”

Burns dismissed criticism by gay-rights advocates at a packed House Judiciary hearing on his bill, citing his longtime commitment to civil rights for African-Americans.

“I would not have been able to sit here as a member of the General Assembly during segregation, based on the color of my skin,” he said during testimony. “But gays and lesbians could. No one asked their sexual orientation when they ran for office. I cannot hide my color. … To say the two are on equal par is anathema to me.”

That’s right, gays. If you want to be treated equally under the law, stay in the closet to avoid the type of discrimination this nation says it won’t tolerate. Otherwise, it’s yo’ fault.