Why Doesn’t FOTF’s Candi Cushman Even Care About Straight Students Accidentally Bullied As Gay?

Focus On The Family’s much-hyped campaign to turn the war on school bullying into a war on teaching school kids about homosexuality sure is a doozy! Leading the charge is Candi Cushman, the organization’s education “expert” and creator of TrueTolerance.org, is now going on television saying she just wants to protect all kids, not just the faggy ones.

FOTF has the same concerns about Hollywood: Just talking about The Gay will force it down everyone’s throats and, possibly, turn them into them.

But Cushman insists FOTF does want all students to be cared for, but focusing so much on LGBT torment is too narrowly tailored. Instead, FOTF would like an umbrella “C’mon guys, be nice!!” policy for everyone to adhere to, because what about the fat kids and the ones who wear glasses — are we going to specifically tell kids to treat them with respect too? (Uh, yes.)

According to Cushman’s logic, addressing the problem brings too much attention to it.

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    I really,really hope one of her kids turns out to be Gay……..

  • 7

    Why is it that people like this Cushman twat keeping associating ‘gay’ with sex, especially when talking about children? It’s like, it’s a dirty thing they shouldn’t know about until they’re older, and they’re never old enough.

    It’s so… ugh, frustrating.

  • greybat

    That piece of Candy is always the same flavor, isn’t she?

  • ChrisH

    I don’t even understand what she is trying to say…

  • ForeverGay

    There have never been anti-gay bullying programs for kindergarten. This anti-gay bigot is bringing it up to scare haterosexuals and to give haterosexuals talking points for challenging any anti-gay bullying policy. The fact is discrimination is the default for haterosexuals and they know it so if nothing is said against anti-gay bullying gay kids get hurt.

  • alan brickman

    lots of jocks get stalked by gays….stop it…

  • Bill S

    Because she’s an ignorant asshole, that’s why.
    Next question.

  • The Bony Man

    It doesn’t surprise me that the Focus on the Family representative provided no alternative policies, nor did she provide any information of any value to the discussion.

  • McMike

    WTF? When Candy says there are some parents who don’t want this “topic” to be introduced to their kids we can be sure it’s those kids who are doing the bullying because they’ve been taught by their parents to hate gays and lesbians.

    btw, it’s BEYOND annoying hearing someone give a rehearsed talking point an answer to a question without actually answering the question.

  • LuisCO

    There’s “str8 acting” gay men who bully “fem gays” on this very site all the time, for not being “manly” enough yet that is perfectly fine? How is the bullying on this site toward gay men of different mannerisms different than bullying in highschool of gay teens with different mannerisms? it’s not.
    The gay community is the most homophobic, so work on that before preaching others change.

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