Why Doesn’t FOTF’s Candi Cushman Even Care About Straight Students Accidentally Bullied As Gay?

Focus On The Family’s much-hyped campaign to turn the war on school bullying into a war on teaching school kids about homosexuality sure is a doozy! Leading the charge is Candi Cushman, the organization’s education “expert” and creator of TrueTolerance.org, is now going on television saying she just wants to protect all kids, not just the faggy ones.

FOTF has the same concerns about Hollywood: Just talking about The Gay will force it down everyone’s throats and, possibly, turn them into them.

But Cushman insists FOTF does want all students to be cared for, but focusing so much on LGBT torment is too narrowly tailored. Instead, FOTF would like an umbrella “C’mon guys, be nice!!” policy for everyone to adhere to, because what about the fat kids and the ones who wear glasses — are we going to specifically tell kids to treat them with respect too? (Uh, yes.)

According to Cushman’s logic, addressing the problem brings too much attention to it.