Why Doesn’t Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Want Glee?


We thought the cast of Fox’s buzzworthy Glee would be in high demand. The (A-)gays were all over them in Washington D.C. over the weekend. So how come Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade doesn’t want them?

Originally set to perform during the NBC telecast, Glee was just bumped from the parade when the network reportedly asked parade organizers to rescind the offer.

How come? Quite simply, Glee is on the competing network Fox, and NBC doesn’t want to promote a competing show. Nevermind, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is taking it in stride: “I completely understand NBC’s position, and look forward to seeing a Jay Leno float.” Professional!

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  • terrwill

    Hey Zuckerman: Jealous much?

  • terrwill

    And Ryan Murphy’s Jay Leno comment: Priceless!!

  • Mike

    I disliked Glee from the moment in the first episode when the older teacher was just overpowered with lust and could not resist gently brushing his hand on the young student’s stomach while he sang. I’m not going to watch any show that stereotypes gay teachers as sexual predators.

  • scott ny'er

    @ MIKE

    the whole freakin’ show is a bunch of stereotypes. That’s why I dislike the show. Also, it’s just not very good. I don’t get the hype. Fame: the series was much better. More diversity. Altho, no gays.

  • RomanHans

    You’ve got to applaud the show’s diversity. A handicapped kid, a gay kid, an African American girl, a geek. All stuck there in the background behind the white stars, dragged out whenever they need a laugh. Truly, Glee puts a fresh new spin on the same old tired bullshit.

  • Attmay

    I haven’t even seen the show and I’m already sick of hearing about it. It sounds like a bargain-basement update of “Fame”, like the bargain-basement remake of the movie it was based on.

  • Scott

    I want to like Glee but I’m torn about removing it from my Tivo’s record list. I like the characters but the storyline is going too fast. The attraction between the 2 teachers was out of the gates like a racehorse when it should have taken 10 episodes to be admitted. I dislike the lip synching. But there are a lot of good elements. I expect it to be cancelled unless they do better with the musical numbers.

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