Why Gay Men Are Better Educated But Earn Less Money Than Straight Guys

Besides these two Canadian lottery winners, gay men are earning less than their straight counterparts, while lesbians are earning more than hetero gals, says reporter Joe Clark after “reading and summarizing every article on lesbian and gay economics published since the 1990s.” He was on a mission to bust myths, and his findings are less interesting than his analysis, where he concludes things like: gay males are better educated than straights but do not choose higher-paying male-dominated professions; and lesbians work longer hours, are better educated, and more likely to enter male-dominated careers that pay better. Notice Clark says he read articles on economics, not the bullshit the Washington Post spits out.

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  • TommyOC

    This article is pointless. You have a profession that earns less than another, on average, whether you’re gay or straight, you’re going to make less than another person in another profession. Uh’duh!

    What would be interesting to me is whether a gay person and a straight person, in the same occupation, would make the same amount of money. If gays are better educated, then all things being equal, there would be a significant likelihood they’d make more money by default.

    This article doesn’t address that point.

  • GrrrlRomeo

    Who’s Joe Clark and where is this report you’re talking about? This isn’t so much an article as “someone said something somewhere.”

  • Chuck

    This is because we reward a-holes who steal from old ladies pensions but we take fairies who make the world and the people in it beautiful for granted.

  • ewe

    Does golf have anything to do with it?

  • AdamA

    @TommyOC: How is the article pointless? Did you already know that gay men are less likely to pursue high-paying careers than straight men are? I didn’t. (Though I had an inkling: so many gay academics!)

    Another interesting possibility the study raises: gay men do pursue high-paying, male-dominated careers, but they have to stay closeted to succeed, and thus don’t show up in the study.

  • bobito

    @AdamA: certainly your theory is valid in the world of politics, which is apparently a very lucrative field, or if we take a look at some of those “Scary Jesus” church leaders who are also raking a hell of a lot of money into their closets. I think you’re onto something here.

    I do think the study results make sense in the big picture: if you are better-educated, you might well arrive at the conclusion that there are things you can do in your life that will have more value to you than just making as much money as you possibly can.

  • Qjersey

    Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I work in the public sector and I have routinely turned down headhunters trying to get me to interview for better paying jobs in corporate settings. I’d rather reenact “Castaway” than work in the Wall St. environment.

  • paulcanning

    His research is excellent – and unusual. I’ve been on the lookout for ages for someone to do this properly, using the scientific method.

    The meme that we’re all rich does great damage.

    Kudos to Queerty (and Towleroad) for publicising – the rich gays meme certainly helps attract advertising!

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