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Why Gay Men Make the Best College Students (And Why Bi Girls Are the Worst)


Even if gay guys are spending as much of their college years sleeping around as straight guys, they’re still managing to pull off better grades. Dude-loving dudes have GPAs some two percent higher than their heterosexual counterparts, according to new research about “sexual minorities.” But what about the dykes?

Sorry, gals, but lesbians didn’t appear to fair any better than straight girls in academia. Oh, and you ladies who play for both teams during your matriculating years? You’re doing miserably: “They spend significantly less time studying. They’re much less satisfied with their academic work. They think their academic work is less important than do other women. Bisexual women are not having as good a college experience.”

So how to explain why gay guys are doing better in school?

• The attitude factor. “The thing that really comes out (in the data) is that gay men see academic work as more important than heterosexual men,” says study author Christopher Carpenter, noting gays “were 1.41 times more likely to say their academic work was important.”


• The extracurricular factor. “Gay men also spend 40 to 50 percent more time doing volunteer work or participating in student organizations,” notes A belief in social responsibility likely coincides with a belief in personal responsibility.

And, of course:

• The sex factor. On campuses with more male professors, there are more opportunities for gay students to engage in Grade-A-for-a-BJ!

As for why bisexual girls are doing the worst of any sexual orientation? We’re going to rely on anecdotal, and not scientific data, and conclude it’s because they’re having twice as much sex. Lucky lasses.

(h/t: Transracial)

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  • Alex

    In my experience the BJ is not necessary; just letting them know you’re a fellow ‘mo sees an instant bump in grades. One might postulate that the same solidarity doesn’t come from lesbian profs, because women in high positions tend to feel competitive rather than cooperative (there are some studies on this).

  • Fitz

    “The sex factor. On campuses with more male professors, there are more opportunities for gay students to engage in Grade-A-for-a-BJ!”

    That’s an idiotic statement. It implies that only male professors use their students for sexual gratification, and then only want the contact from male students. I think what Alex said is probably closer.. just the affinity of people. I think that also, and this is changing quickly, a lot of young gay people live in their books, if you know what I mean. If you live in some bumblescum little town, academia is a wonderful way to feel less crazy and isolated. (if all the other boys are out sniffing paint thinner and shooting things). Also, for the first few years of college you aren’t old enough to go to clubs.. so there is less to do on that front. I hate the assumption that gay students are doing well because they are willing to suck dick. maybe there are OTHER attributes of these kids that lets them do well?

    Also– maybe the study needs to be done in reverse: why do hetty students do poorly?

  • Michael W.

    So gays perform better than their hetero counterparts but lesbians fare worse than theirs?

    Obviously the answer is dick. The two groups who embrace it (gays and straight girls) are doing better than everyone else. Maybe there’s something in semen that’s good for the brain. Keeps you focused.

  • Tim in SF

    And, of course:
    • The sex factor. On campuses with more male professors, there are more opportunities for gay students to engage in Grade-A-for-a-BJ!

    This is not in the original study. This lame joke was added by QUEERTY. I think it shows some rather bad editing practices, adding in a line like that in a bulleted list. Confusing to say the least (is it a joke? or not? hard to tell because it looks the same as the text above it and it isn’t funny). I had to go to the original study and read to see if the authors really thought gay students were fucking their profs more often for better grades.

    I doubt Ja phy Gr ant* would have made such a bad editing decision.

    This blog is circling the drain.

    *(sorry for putting the spaces in J’s name, but if you spell it correctly, QUEERTY holds up the post in moderation. NICE).

  • dlpca

    @Michael W.: OMG, LOL, sound logic to me! Great point, I agree.

  • Cam

    Gee, maybe they see education as important because many come from anti-gay small towns and know that a degree can get them opportunities in a bigger city.

  • Bitch, please!

    Another reason could be that the gays figure out earlier in their lives that good grades would be their ticket out of the stifling environment they are living in. Isolation from peers could be another reason–no one to talk to and nothing else to do. Most gays don’t participate or are ridiculed when they try to join sports activities, so less extra-curricular activities and less time spent in practice and what-not. Or, some them could just have a higher IQ and NOT because they are gay! Because one chat with any of the strung out queens in the gay clubs will throw a bucket of cold water at the face of this theory.

  • Trey Cruz

    And that is exactly why I love college.

  • Konrad

    Gay guys who are aware of their sexual orientation during their college years and self-confident enough to report it to a survey researcher probably have their act together pretty well and therefore measure a bit better academically.

  • rsquared

    Yeah, WTF with the BJ comment? If that were true, wouldn’t bi-girls (and bi-guys) fare best because they could have sex with all of their professors? C’mon, keep it real, Queerty. Dumb joke.

  • M Shane

    I would sure get better grades just because I could play with that group in the picture after class.

    There could be different factors: (1) it only takes a few minutes to hunker down with a guy in the bushes, whereas chasing pussy is a full time occupation with less predictable rewards.
    (2) Gay guys are aware of the importance of achievment in a world in which they have are discriminated against, like any minority. I bet you’d find that Chinese students do even better.

    The BJ with profs factor seems to be pure B.S. : with the competition now in academia, people aren’t likely to risk thier jobs. There are women profs who might want PB’s (pussy bruch) just as much from god knows who.

  • TANK

    I agree with whoever said that there’s greater pressure on gay men to succeed so that they aren’t dependent on, say, bigoted family; or the perception of a family response when they do, in fact, leave the closet. There’s a greater fear and thus incentive to become financially independent because of the perception driven by real bigotry that if you fuck up once, you’ve thrown away your chance of living an authentic life.

    Then again, gay men could be more intelligent, on average…but that’s awfully romantic in light of being, say, disowned as a result of homophobia.

    I’d be interested to see how transgender people in college do, too. The problem is that they usually don’t transition at that age, so a representative set may be precluded by that factor.

  • galefan2004

    Lets not even pretend that gay men are sucking their way to top grades. That might happen, but it doesn’t happen often enough to explain a 2% jump. The truth is that gay men are just more open and are often better communicators. Honestly, getting through college had nothing to do with working hard or studying hard (hell I hardly even studied). It had to do with getting to know your professors and not being afraid to speak out in the classroom setting. Thinking about it reasonably, if the professor knows you on a first name basis they are much more likely to assist you in increasing your grade than if they have no clue who you are. Also, there is a sociological factor that enters into it where you have to examine the fact that being out with your family might not have you on the best terms with them. I believe that a lot more gay men are looking at a make or break college experience as they pay for their own college to improve their own lives where as straight men and women are more likely to have mommy and daddy not only paying for their college but also their failures.

  • Andramata

    I remember I had a hot teacher and this hot guy in the class. I use to want to have a 3 some with them. So the student became my study partner and we ended up hooking up like twice! I flirted with the teacher and even got him hard once. but I got an A+ in the class. I was his fav student. I was attentive and made it to class every week to see both! what a semester. it was my best year academically! So fantasizing made me work harder lol I said hard! and gave me a good grade to bounce my GPA to 3.8!

  • GJR

    I think the secret to that scenario is to do the studying thing part in public, like the library. I always had this problem of being really tense and needing a good backrub before a study session. Let’s just say the experience ended up really sucking.

  • Scott

    My motivation in college was that I was paying for it and needed an education in order to have a better job. My family was blue collar and struggling. They didn’t accept my sexuality. To get away from them and have a life I had to do well in college.

  • Scott

    Plus I was paying for it all myself.

  • Gurlene

    I question these statistics. The study did say it was the first of it’s kind but it seems heavily tilted towards gay males than females.

    These types of studies are based upon those who participate and again I question the results.

  • Andrew

    Love that top photo… Wish my college days looked like that!

  • Elijahhue

    My college days were much like that.
    I was in a frat. and lived in the house. We did the circle jerk thing. we showered together. we dry humped eachother. I had fun cause when they got drunk and didn’t get laid they ended up in my room to jerk off or get sucked off. or experiment and the next day act like nothing happened. My college years were the best ever sexual. I had a wet dream college exp. I was not out but guys would always flock to me. I slept over and shit happened. they got drunk shit happened. they got horny and shit happened. We also use to fuck girls in front of eachother one fucking the other jerking off. I tell people my stories and they are like what school did you go to! lol I just had the right people. Now most are married and I’ve been to or in the weddings. Saying to myself if you only knew what we did before he met you! lol

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    Kudos to the gay men for representing!


    Complete Opposite of Adam Lambert’s Mad World (Mike Andrews) / Crank up the dance beats –

    Available on Itunes / CD Baby

  • AlwaysGay

    Keep studying gay men. You are doing the right thing. Gay men (and lesbians) who have degrees are more likely to be in a relationship. So have a degree not only boosts your job outlook it also boosts your relationship outlook.

  • Daniel

    Now if we can just get more gay kids to stay in high school and graduate so they can actually go on to college.

  • charlie hoover

    Too bad this isn’t true for me :( I’m a terrible student. I guess I must really like vag

  • bobito

    @Daniel: I suspect the ones who make it through high school alive to graduate have already learned to apply whatever skills they have toward survival. So they are better equipped to function in college, where the ability to learn is valued (much moreso than in high school).

    From my personal experience, my GPA was much higher after I could acknowledge I was gay, because those early years of sexual confusion and discovery were very distracting.

  • Miss. Kitty

    “Christopher Carpenter, noting gays were 1.41 times more likely to say their academic work was important”.


    “Gay men also spend 40 to 50 percent more time doing volunteer work or participating in student organizations,”


    “On campuses with more male professors, there are more opportunities for gay students to engage in Grade-A-for-a-BJ!”







  • I pliss

    @Miss. Kitty: @Miss. Kitty: Ms kitty needs to go lick her own twat! and if it’s a guy posing as a girl cause he is not man enough to come out of the closet then you should go suck a dick! lol Do you think you words matter here. lol


    I could see you didn’t do well in college if you made it that far. Read your sentence again and see if it made sense? Lose the hate reflect on what you read and be and intelligent biggit. So what you are saying is that all men are gay. And only some of them choose to be gay 24 hours and the rest only in bed they are gay. lol

    Without us gays you wouldn’t be wearing what you are wearing right now. You wouldn’t have all the fab things in your life.

  • Miss. Kitty

    @ I Pliss:

    No I meant exactly what I said.






  • I pliss

    Are you Mormon? Deviant is such an old word. You are most likely single and un happy that no man will love you so you hate all men. This is not the blog for you sweetie. Go back to college. Ever seen first kiss? lol and become a lisbo already just us deviants!
    You will be a happier person.

    if none of the above works you can always get yourself a toy so you could have an orgasm and put a smile on both of your lips.

    no be gone. ;-) have a blessed day Ms Kitty meow. hsssssssss

  • Fred Walker

    before queerty was filled with sexists, than the sexists conceded their place to the racists, antisemits and religious intolerants and finally we have disgusting homophobes like miss shitty, it seems like it took a while, but we finally got a resident homophobic bigot

  • Chameo

    Oppresion makes us better i guess. The more oppressed we are the more we want to make a difference in other peoples life and our own. I’m a gay guys and i have an Iq of 133 i think it’s because of my aspergers ADHD and bipolar (that makes me as a person these mental ailments have nothing to do with being gay) I think achieve more because i have something in my life that i want to do which is music and i want to be a role model for other gays. I want to be the geeky/artistic type in the music biz that not many people thought would be so succesful. This is my personal plight but i think the reason for the gay population as a whole to have good grades is to show others that being gay rocks and that we actually care about important things and that we’re not the ones to discriminate we are the champions of society. Also i think it’s because of us thinking differently that of which makes want to the opposite of our society. In american society most 3rd generation kids don’t give a crap about education. Us gays do so we can get somewhere and rely on ourselves. I say with full honesty you (as in the straight guys who try to bring us down) didn’t see this coming then you’re obviously dumb. Just like christina’s song fighter we get stronger with ever pain we recieve.

  • unrendaerasse

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  • Ben

    Don’t feel too smug about yourselves, gay guys. This study notes that gay men get better grades than straight men, but makes no comparison between gay men and gay women. Because women tend to do better overall in academic standings, I wouldn’t be surprised if gay women still do better than gay men, or more generally, if women do better than gay men.

    The only things this study demonstrates are difference within the sexes, not between them.

  • Daniel

    @Bitch, please!:

    Totally agree with you on that. Most gay men live in very conservative families and probably have plans of escaping the clutches of their over domineering parents. That would mean you are all alone which is why it is imperative for gay men and women to form a strong sense of independence during their teen years. Independence = money so working your ass of for 4 years is nothing compared to being comfortable with who you are and falling in love one day (with no parent breathing down your neck ofcourse).

    As for the volunteer work…it nice to be generous but it looks killer on a resume! As for bi-women…are they really bi or just hetero-flexible? There are college girls who are very much straight but indulge in some girl on girl to impress the boys. Lesbianism is portrayes quite badly in the entertainment with most lesbian characters reverting back to the opposite gender. Or how it is every stereotypical male fantasy to have sex with lesbians. It makes a mockery of many straight and gay people who can’t change their orientation with the click of a finger. These women obviously spend too much time trying to have MFF three ways when they should be attending class.

  • Farskwa

    How are bisexual men doing?

  • Klarth

    did anyone notice fair for fare in the first sentence?
    (*raises hand as an overachieving gay male*) XD

  • Klarth

    @Klarth: excuse me, the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph, I meant. ;-)

    I really don’t know what effect me being gay had on my effort toward schoolwork. I was good at it, and sucked at everything else, so I focused on it. So I just continued that through college.

    Maybe heterosexuality, and more importantly (accurately?) heteronormativity distracts from academics.

  • fuck you

    @Michael W.: you are fucking retarded.

  • jason

    A lof of these “bi” girls are simply attention-seeking skanks who are using their sexuality as a marketing ploy. Women often do this – you can also see it in the clothing they wear as compared to what men wear. Without fail, women’s clothing is almost always tighter, shorter and more revealing.

    Women’s sexual behavior is often unrelated to the notion of achieving sexual satisfaction. Rather, it’s more often related to the notion of pleasing straight guys and their fetishes for the purpose of reward. Don’t underestimate the notion of “reward” in determining women’s sexual behavior.

    Maybe the poor grades of these bi women reflects their poor character.

  • trickstertara

    Horse shit. I graduated cum lade with a 3.6 GPA from my undergrad. I’m a first year masters student and my last quarter GPA was a 3.85. I took my academic life very seriously and still do.

    And screw you on the “who’s more oppressed?” game, too. I’m tired of hearing about how I’m not in as much danger of being bashed or harassed because “straight guys looooooove lesbians.” They don’t. I went to a southern university. I was there during the 2004 election when the state passed a same-sex marriage ban and a gay adoption ban. Believe me, winning wasn’t enough — those southern boys wanted to gloat a little, too. And I wasn’t given a free pass from their fun because some of them liked to watch lesbian porn up in their dorm rooms at night. I ran just as many risks being out as my gay male friends.

  • Phil

    Hey, at least you don’t have to deal with the savage beatings. (Only the “I’ll show you”-rape.)

  • Tommy Shepherd

    Oh Queerty – you do yourself no favours AT ALL with that gratuitous BJ comment.

  • Dandelion

    The biphobia and sexism in here smells wonderful.

    Bisexual women tend to do worse than straight woman because wankers like you lot can agree on one thing “slut” – do you think your grades might suffer because of the combined prejudice of straight and gay? Gays hate bis because of the misconception that “they are more accepted, because they are half straigt” which is bullshit. All it does is get them branded “indecisive”, “fake” and “slut” as both Queerty here and its fanbase of self community loathers it is.

    If it helps, I am not a bisexual woman; but my ex-girlfriend is and she is a good example of a wonderful woman who deserves equal rights as the rest of us and a life free from this disgusting language you all pride yourself on. Lets be gentlemen, really gay gentlemen.
    Parting words: women still on average do better than men in terms of GPA. Women make up more than half the college student roster now, compared to when college first started out as a male-only thing. Et cetera, et cetera.

  • Tom

    @Tim in SF:

    I love people who take the time to comment that they hate the blog. I wish someone could explain why they don’t just stop reading!

  • Joshua H

    @Dandelion: You definitely “speak my mind” on this issue. Yet, I have to say that I was more than a bit disappointed that Queerty didn’t include the numbers on bi guys. For that matter, at college age, knowing whether or not someone that young being polled is actually gay, straight, or bi makes the statistics dubious at best. As others have said, a man identifying as gay by college has gotten a good chunk of his identity figured out; so it’s unlikely that he’ll have many of the same problems that someone still identifying as straight or bi (who actually doesn’t fall into those categories). For that matter, a completely closeted gay student has the potential to do much better than his/her classmates due to a complete lack of a social life in many cases. I can think of several completely closeted classmates who are still closeted and live pretty successful lives due to such a lack of a social life.

  • notbuyingit

    Well gay guys major in things like Art and Decorating and Fashion and dance and health. Hetro guys do BIO Chem and Pre Med and International Finance. I mean you may get some specks of gays in those, but lets be honest here, gays are not exactly known for being in the “tough” majors.

  • Reuben L

    No. That’s stereotypical bullshit on two parts.
    Firstly, you’re suggesting that science based degrees have a higher merit than otter degrees simply because they are perceived to be “tough majors”.The world needs art and humanities students more than it needs “BIO Chem”. Ever tried doing a language degree? Now they are tough majors, and in the globalising world we live in languages should take precedence over many degrees, yet their merit is often overlooked and ignored. I bet it would be safe to assume that there are quite a few gay guys studying French or other romance languages. Ok. I’m moving away from the point. Wha I’m trying to say is that we can’t look at a degree ad immediately give it a higher status than another simply because it is deemed as tougher. University should not work like that, but becuase it does, so does our society.
    Secondly, “gay guys major in art and decorating and fashion and dance and health”. What a load of stereotypical tripe. You’re now lumping every gay guy who has ever studied, is studying or is going to study a degree into a single group of an almost bigoted ideology. Yes, there MAY be more LGBT students in these areas but perhaps it’s because these areas are often performed as being more friendly towards the LGBT community. If you are stuck studying Physics for four years of your life as the only gay guy in the class, surrounded by veiled homophobia and blatant masculinity, it would be hell. But, I digress, the point I should be making is that you can’t suggest that every gay guy specialises in these areas. Society doesn’t work like that. It’s the same as saying woman only study Art, English Literature, Catering and Gender studies. It’s just wrong.
    So, next time you decide to comment, perhaps you should think through the ludicrous assumptions you’re making and realise that socitey is not created by black and white stereotypes, with no grey in between.

  • Lorelai

    @Dandelion: Thank you so much Dandelion. I was starting to think that this would just become another forum for bashing bisexuals. As a bisexual female college student, I’d just like to say that I do get good grades (3.6 GPA) and have only had one sex partner in the past 4 years. I do not openly talk about my sexuality for fear of being thought of as “promiscous” or “attention-seeking”. I am also curious as to why there is no mention of male bisexuals.

  • Lorelai

    But I continue to be surprised by the misogny/homophobia/biphobia in some of the comments. You would think that THIS would be the place where a person could find some acceptance and tolerance.

  • KateOSee

    I’m a bisexual woman and I have a 3.8+ GPA while pursuing a double degree (BA and BS) at a top ranked public university. I have only had two sexual partners in college and both have them have been long-term relationships.

    To be honest, this article kind of ticks me off. Just because bisexual women have a technically larger dating poll, doesn’t mean we’re getting any more than anyone else. We’re not all attention seekers and loose whores. We just happen to like both sexes.

  • Bryan

    Quite unfortunately, I fall out of the gay men doing well for themselves in college statistic.

  • Vonda

    It’s not surprising really. Gays are notorious for wanting to improve themselves via education, work, etc. This way, it gives them more money for clothes, alcohol and gym memberships, which help them in attracting more sexual partners, which, of course, is their goal.

  • Tulip

    I’m a bi girl. I graduated with a 3.6 GPA. I’m doing a double Master’s program right now, and my GPA is 3.8. Of course not all statistics are accurate to everyone, but this just seems a little… I don’t know. I don’t like the stereotype that bi girls have twice as much sex as everyone else. Just because we’re attracted to people of both genders it doesn’t mean we’re promiscuous!

  • Geo

    Took me a year till after graduation to realize I was gay! Wish it happened earlier, because the first time I had sex was 19 (with a girl) and the next time when I was 24 (with a guy). Let me tell ya- those were some sexually frustrating 5 years! But I did finish school in 3 years and got a masters in my fourth ;)

  • Christopher B

    Happier, more stable and more ambitious people are more likely to come out when they’re young. It’s a coincidence. The students with a stronger support structure and higher self-esteem get better grades.

  • declanto

    I am delighted to read here in the comments that not one person is identifying themselves as “queer”. This may have something to do with education. Are there any statistics on this I.D. choice?

  • Robert Hanly

    One demographic is always going to be a higher percentage than the other and I don’t think 2% is indicative of anything, to be honest.

  • Adn

    I can’t believe how many can get so responsive so quickly to a load of opinionated claptrap! The mind is such a fragile thing to tame and in that sense those who are quick to respond to such dribble without reckoning the logic are emotionally weak. Let verbal judgement pass through one ear and out the other like a stubborn kid; I really pity the sad loser who is bothered to reply back to my message – then I would know s/he is a very emotional person and I can twist with thier mind as many times as I like. FORGET OTHER PEOPLE AND JUST ENJOY LIFE! :-) P.s: doesn’t matter if I am gay or straight, I could say i’m gay, chat you up, con you and be lying the whole time for your “bread and honey”.

  • Paul D

    Of course, gay men excel in academia more so than their heterosexual counterparts. Making love to a penis certainly helps stimulate the brain cells, and semen is PACKED with nutritious goodies! An erect penis is the perfect symbol of FOCUS. It COMMANDS focus…and working on it diligently is one of the best physical and mental exercises to ever engage in.

  • Darryl

    I would suspect it has to do with the structure of the brain. In homosexual males, we have a uniquely structured brain that gives us the intuition and attention to detail of a sort of superwoman, but the logical task orientation of a male at the same time. This most likely allows us to concentrate and retain information better at school versus the drama ridden lesbian and all I wanna do is the chick next to me straight guy.

  • jmundstuk

    Is 2 percent even a significant difference??

  • LeoMarius

    As a closeted gay college student at a conservative university, I had nothing to do but work and study. As Cam pointed out, I also wanted to be independent and saw a degree as a vehicle to get me there.

  • anonymous

    I think it’s true of all students that schoolwork becomes impossible when you’re lonely and depressed and comes easier when you are in a loving supportive relationship with daily fucks.

  • Forshorn

    It’s no mystery why gays do better. There is a tremendous focus on gay issues in academia, and lots of gay professors. You can major in gayness. Classic works are discussed through a queer lens.

    Gays can begin their career as professional gays in academia, and probably end up as professors themselves. They can write the “Michelle Obama”-type thesis; she wrote at Princeton about the difficulty and mixed feelings she had being black in a privileged white environment. Was she betraying other blacks? No! This is easier than analyzing the dream sequences in Spencer or translating Catullus or doing conceptual math.

    Much easier. So, gays do the “disadvantaged person” route in college. I can’t believe half of this conversation is about BJs.

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