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Why Gay Men Make the Best College Students (And Why Bi Girls Are the Worst)


Even if gay guys are spending as much of their college years sleeping around as straight guys, they’re still managing to pull off better grades. Dude-loving dudes have GPAs some two percent higher than their heterosexual counterparts, according to new research about “sexual minorities.” But what about the dykes?

Sorry, gals, but lesbians didn’t appear to fair any better than straight girls in academia. Oh, and you ladies who play for both teams during your matriculating years? You’re doing miserably: “They spend significantly less time studying. They’re much less satisfied with their academic work. They think their academic work is less important than do other women. Bisexual women are not having as good a college experience.”

So how to explain why gay guys are doing better in school?

• The attitude factor. “The thing that really comes out (in the data) is that gay men see academic work as more important than heterosexual men,” says study author Christopher Carpenter, noting gays “were 1.41 times more likely to say their academic work was important.”


• The extracurricular factor. “Gay men also spend 40 to 50 percent more time doing volunteer work or participating in student organizations,” notes A belief in social responsibility likely coincides with a belief in personal responsibility.

And, of course:

• The sex factor. On campuses with more male professors, there are more opportunities for gay students to engage in Grade-A-for-a-BJ!

As for why bisexual girls are doing the worst of any sexual orientation? We’re going to rely on anecdotal, and not scientific data, and conclude it’s because they’re having twice as much sex. Lucky lasses.

(h/t: Transracial)