Why Gays Should Love Bush

The gays have loads of reasons to hate on President George W. Bush.

He and his cronies did, after all, use us for political gain and continue to poo-poo on the idea of same-sex marriage.

Despite all that, however, Bush does deserve some lavender love, says activist David Benkof:

It is unquestionable that George W. Bush has done more to fight HIV/AIDS than any president in American history, including Clinton. The people pushing Bush to fight the epidemic at home and abroad are overwhelmingly conservative Christians — the same people we keep hearing gay leaders tar as narrow-minded and bigoted. Well, those narrow-minded bigots (who never had the president’s ear during the Clinton administration) deserve far more credit for relieving suffering from HIV in this decade than gay men and lesbians did in the previous two decades combined.

Benkof goes on to stress Bush’s financial commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS – $3 billion, the nation’s largest investment for fighting the disease globally – as well as his installation of two gays in high-level administrative positions on the issue. What’s more, the Bush Administration has worked to repeal travel restrictions on HIV positive visitors, which opens our shores to top experts and activists. Benkof also lauds the administration’s abstinence programs.

Taken all together, Benkof insists, the Republicans “outshine” Democrats “hands down” and, therefore, Bush deserves a thumbs up. Some other gays, we’re sure, will tell Bush exactly where he can stick that thumb…