Why Gays Shouldn’t Serve: America’s Precious Homosexuals Must Be Protected

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When the life of a single gay American is worth the lives of seven American soldiers, you can understand why, as a matter of national security, the U.S. armed forces must employ Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to protect homosexuals. (via)

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  • B Damion

    Thank god I’m too gay to serve. My skin is very sensative and fragile. lol…all jokes aside this sucks for people who truly wanna be of service.

  • nikko

    LOL! yahoo, that was great!

  • Tartuffe

    If you’re just seeing this now, you’re clearly behind on your hilarious Onion clip viewing!

  • sebastien

    I m so stupid! the first 30 seconds I didn;t realised it was a joke!!!! lol…I was like :WTF?

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