Why George Takei Is Officially Our Favorite YouTube Star

We liked George Takei as photon torpedo-firing Sulu in Star Trek and loved his homoerotic roast of William Shatner in which he called Shatner, “a rich gooey devil’s food cake that I wanna drop my face into.” Mmm… Japancakes.

But his recent video hijinks have made him our favorite YouTube star. Why? Three reasons:

First, the guy’s got enough production value to spring for a Spiderman harness. Second, he’s not above cross-dressing as a nun to break into Broadway (above). And third he’s got “kintama” enough to boldly comment on queer rights issues in hilarious ways—like when he called homophobic school board member Clint McCance a closeted douchebag.

Too bad he’s already taken or else we might try and marry the 74-year-old actor ourselves… or at least get with him alone for some devil’s food cake action.